The phalanx

I’ve just been reading a blog thread about the UK, in which the subject was the ‘exploitation’ (what an understatement) of young people, mostly girls, by so-called ‘grooming gangs.’ The commenters are mostly American, with a few British commenters.

Sorry I can’t quote anyone there; the comments on that blog are under copyright and can’t be quoted or reproduced. I’ll just give the gist of what was said where I need to.

On every thread about the dire events in the UK, there are comments that disparage the British/English for being weak or cowardly or ineffectual. I still say this is more than a little hypocritical, because things of the same nature happen here in our country, though little publicized by the media. And what have we done to deal with this problem? Nothing much that I’m aware of. However, in Texas some years ago (10 or so years ago?) a man in a small South Texas town found his young child being, let’s say, harmed by one of our ‘guest workers’. In saving his child he beat the attacker badly with the result that the attacker died. Now, as this happened in Texas, the grand jury did not indict the man who saved his child. Which is just as it should be. Who wouldn’t do whatever is necessary to save their little child, or anyone’s little child?

Americans in discussing events like that in the UK (involving teens rather than small children usually) condemn British men for doing nothing — but actually some fathers tried to rescue their children, or sought police help — and were themselves arrested and charged. Why do so few Americans know this? It’s been reported. People seem unaware of the sad realities in other countries.

Would the men in South Texas be just as ready to use force in protecting their families if they knew they would be arrested while the perpetrator walks free?
I surely hope they would, but after years of such conditioning to train people into passivity and fear of the consequences people might be less bold — I hope not, but it would be possible. Who ever thought Europeans would be so meek and passive while these things go on openly? It’s much the same or worse in continental Europe, than in the UK, as attackers in parts of Europe have harmed children and walked free thanks to judges to don’t know what justice means, or don’t care to implement it.

We hear less derision and criticism of the Europeans, who are even more passive, than we hear of the British in the face of this kind of thing. Why?

Maybe this whole situation is being allowed, knowingly, purposely; what else can one think when the ‘law’ does not enforce the justice system that supposedly exists?

Why are Americans so often eager to rip the English/British as weaklings?
Is there really such a rivalry between the UK and our country thanks to the fools here who are still fighting King George III?

The English are not our enemy.

And on the thread there was one person insisting that there is some kind of English/Norman ”elite” plot against everybody; ‘they’ are really the ones to blame. This illustrates exactly why I write about the whole Norman thing, what with Normans and English always accused of being arch-villains. Enough of that.
Just as I always say about the supposed ”WASP elites” who are in on some big conspiracy, who are they? Name names. Who? Where is the evidence? Nobody has any to offer, they just make these big sweeping assertions.

Then predictably someone pops up to repeat that canard that there is no Anglo majority in America. We’re really Scots-Irish and German. We? Who exactly is we?
No one ever counters these silly rumors by saying ”prove it!”

There is no proof of those assertions. Period. Full stop. End of.

There is no proof. Just empty statements by people who probably don’t know their own ancestry except by family myths and legends.

Show us the DNA and the statistics. But they won’t. They just keep on with their unsupported claims.

(Could I respond on the blog thread in question? Doubtful; my comments on blogger blogs never get published, ever, for some reason.)

The self-promoting stories are the weapon of people who resent Anglo-Saxons and want to usurp the primal place in American history. Well, it’s all becoming moot now because our country will be so multicultural that it won’t matter. Either there will be no majority or there will be a Hispanic majority. We will all be demoted out of our own history.

If I sound as though I’m fed up with this, it’s because I am. I’d rather this blog were more light-hearted and nice, but we live in an age in which dire things are happening around us and being pollyannas gets us nowhere. Niceness is not goodness. Sometimes it’s just a way of avoiding unpleasant realities. I’m not an aggressive person, and prefer to get along with all, if possible but on the other hand in my lineage people do not sit back and watch bad things happen; speaking the truth is always in order, not silence when lies are so rampant. Lies have to be countered. What was it Solzhenitsyn said — ”Live not by lies”?

I really don’t know how or when this renewed hostility towards our English cousins started, or why. It didn’t exist when I was a child. We knew England was our “mother country” and that the English were our cousins, sharing our language, history, customs, and even our faith back then. Now the world has changed and there’s more division in this age of ”globalism” than ever.

And this did not happen by accident.

From an old book I found, printed in the 19th century, there is a little parable, in the form of a poem about unity. It tells about a herd of oxen, who are fighting amongst themselves. Then they are attacked by a pack of wolves, and suddenly they stop fighting one another and defend themselves.

“‘Twas just in time! for scarcely were they marshall’d back to back,
When down upon the herd already bursts the rav’ning pack:
But all in vain the Wolves assail; for everywhere they meet
A phalanx of opposing horns, their onset fierce to greet
The few remaining take to flight, nor dare th’ assault again.

So should confed’rate States and Peoples hush all inward strife,
When from without a foreign foe assails the Nation’s life;
All discords then out-trodden — ’tis by Unity alone
The Free shall save their Freedom, and the Brave preserve their own.”

We need to form a phalanx, and stop the petty jockeying for primacy or pride of place. We need to attain some kind of solidarity with our kindred folk — there is nothing wrong with that, nor should we allow anyone to try to make it a crime or some kind of social offense. And we need to show solidarity with our cousins wherever they are — especially the Anglosphere and our European kin. But the English and the Anglosphere first as being most closely connected with us.

Canada, the UK, New Zealand, SA, Ulster — and from there to all our kin. We are all in the same boat.

The people who foment division on the basis of European ethnicities or age groups, generations, regions, whatever, are troublemakers. On the internet they may be shills who are not at all who they pretend to be, merely there to cause dissension. And they are succeeding at it, much to our detriment. It’s been documented fact that the powers that be openly admit to using operatives to disrupt internet discussions and to plant disinformation.

Well-meaning people who are on our side will not be dividing us.

‘No…nation was ever so free as the English’

Johann Wilhelm von Archenholz was the writer of the quote above. He wrote those words in 1789, in a work called ‘A Picture of England.’ In that book he said that he called a state free in which no more restraint was necessary than the minimum which was required for the preservation of the commonwealth.

Johann von Archenholz further praised England and its people in the above named work, saying “…the people of England still possess a felicity worthy to be envied, and of which perhaps other nations can scarce have a conception: so difficult it is, in living under the mildest yoke, to form just ideas of a national liberty grounded on the rights of humanity.”

Further: “Without mentioning the great number of franchises and immunities of every kind, which the Great Charter and many favourable revolutions have at different times procured to the nation, we may arrange the rights of the people under six classes, viz.:

The Liberty of the Press,
The Habeas Corpus Act,
Public Courts of Justice,
The Trial by Jury,
The Right of Being Represented in Parliament,
The Privilege of Public Remonstrances.

But how many of these ‘franchises and immunities’ remain intact in 2019? Reading the news out of the UK, it seems they exist mostly on paper, to the extent that they exist at all. (And I’m sorry to say that our American ‘rights’ exist mostly in theory, it seems).

But reading this particular news item online does illustrate the loss of the former English liberty. So now, a “rude joke” makes someone a hunted man, while people found guilty in courts of law for real crimes are set free, or receive a slap on the wrist?

And do the ‘bread-and-circuses’ distractions keep the populace lulled in the face of all this, as in our country?

Sad, how far both our ancestral country and our country of birth have slidden.