Maine targeted for ‘change’

At Occidental Observer, there is a review of a new book by John Q. Publius. The book is titled ‘The Way Life Should Be? The Globalists’ Demographic War on America, With Maine as a Microcosm.‘ I’ve only just read the Occidental Observer piece by Kevin MacDonald; the book is apparently just out or soon to be.

I admit I am not a regular reader of OO,; I’ve seldom had a comment accepted there and there does seem to be a core of regulars who have various anti-Anglo axes to grind. Then there is the anti-Protestant or anti-Christian presence there. However this book interests me because I know that Maine has been very much a target for being “fundamentally transformed”, to use a trendy phrase from the Left. Remember some years ago when a group of Somalis, finding the pickings rather slim in Georgia where they had settled, found that they would be materially rewarded by moving to Maine and drawing state benefits there. Voila: instant colony established in Maine, in Lewiston, to be exact. I understand the population of that colony has increased and they are quite at home there.

I have an interest in Maine because my direct ancestors, having settled Massachusetts, eventually chose, as Massachusetts became overpopulated in places, to go to rural Maine and found new settlements. Among the towns they founded was  Houlton, named after ancestors of mine, and  I understand that Houlton, too, has been “enriched”.

Paradoxically, despite this effort by the meddling NGOs to ‘fundamentally transform’ Maine or any place which is too ‘hideously White’, Maine has somehow remained 95%  (or so) White. I am tempted to question those stats,but they seem to be generally accepted.  However, New England in general has undergone demographic changes along ethnic lines for centuries. Some people who are unfamiliar with the history of New England strangely assume that it is populated by Whites, specifically those New England Yankees or the ‘WASP elite,’ which hardly exists anymore. Ever since the 19th century New England, especially the urbanized areas, has received lots of non-Anglo immigrants. In the earlier times it was Irish immigrants, Italians, Portuguese, and French-Canadians, the latter of whom were actually part of a much earlier migration. Around this time Mormonism lured many Old Stock Yankees westward, where some settled in the Midwest, the Mountain States, and some went to the far-off Pacific coast as pioneers.

The more populated areas of New England have not been ‘Yankee’ or WASP territory for a long time. However the diversity has been of an ethnic nature more than the racial diversity that the powers-that-be are attempting to impose everywhere. But today, urban New England does have the usual congeries of nationalities and tongues and races, including people from every continent.

Still, it’s surprising that Maine has not been erased or demographically obliterated as the social engineers and “do-gooders” go about their dubious mission.

I often ask myself why WASPs or English-Americans are invariably viewed suspiciously and resentfully in certain quarters. Lots of bees-in-bonnets about WASPs conspiring with somebody or other (usually Zionists, according to those who find WASPs at the bottom of everything bad). I tend to believe that anyone who succeeds too well draws dislike. It’s somewhat analogous to the resentment of Americans on the part of other nations. Or the animus directed at European-descended people from certain quarters.

Remember, the English were here earlier than most, and founded the most enduring colonies, no matter how many smaller colonies existed.  Most Americans believe in the falsehood of ‘Equality’ or egalitarianism, and from that comes inevitable feelings of rivalry and envy and resentment, always needing to get in a dig at the evil WASP ”elites” who are lurking behind the scenes, invisibly controlling everything or conspiring with somebody to keep someone down.

Really when you think about it, it lines up pretty closely with the popular leftist belief in so-called “White Privilege” . All that’s needed is to exchange the word ‘White” with ‘WASP’ and the complaints and accusations are much the same.

What’s worse is that many on the right indulge in all this WASP-baiting and insinuating. It seems that nobody likes the one who appears to be at the top of the hierarchy — even when he really isn’t at the top anymore. There is an old Irish expression, ”when a man is down, down with him.” Few people defend WASPs, though I occasionally try, in vain. So now that the WASP is being or has been ethnically cleansed from the places settled by our forebears, he’s down, so down with him. There are no doubt lots of people who will be overjoyed when Maine is finally fully diverse. It ought to be a happy prospect for Trudeau in Canada, with his outspoken loathing for ‘old-stock Whites’ such as those who settled Canada as well.

It is probably too late but this divisiveness, spite and envy must give way to some kind of solidarity as we are all in the same boat.


On English morale, post-WWII

Letter on English morale - PicPost mar 1947

The above letter was printed in a magazine called Picture Post, dated March, 1947 which is part of my collection of old magazines and ephemera. In 1947 England was still trying to recover from the recent devastating War, and conditions were somewhat bleak.

I post it because it seems from what I read and hear that people are demoralized in England now — unless, like many Americans, they are so anesthetized by ‘entertainment’ and various forms of bread-and-circuses. I do get the sense that England or Britain if you want to be ‘inclusive’ is enervated and exhausted. So the post-war conditions seem to be a foreshadowing of what was to come — if only the people of Britain had known it. And it was about to start happening soon after this letter was published. Wasn’t it in 1948 that the Windrush arrived in Britain, the first wave of the ‘Camp of the Saints’ onslaught that would gradually develop all over Europe?

From the link in the previous paragraph:

When the ship arrived at Tilbury docks from Jamaica in June 1948, carrying 417 Black immigrants, it represented more than just a turning point in the history of those ancient isles. In some respects it signalled the beginning of mass, organized non-White immigration into northwest Europe.”

If only the Mr. Dillon who wrote the letter which began this post had any inkling of what was about to happen, and of the ‘hard days to come’ for England…