Anglo-Canadians and Trudeau

The Canadian media report that Justin Trudeau seems to be doing his best to further alienate and isolate Anglo-Canadians. He’s been busy like all Western ”leaders” going through the motions of virtue-signalling, joining in the kowtowing at the PC altar.

The event which Trudeau attended was to call attention to allegations of ‘racism’ and to commemorate the death of George Floyd. But with all the concern over racial injustice and discrimination, there seems to be no consideration afforded to the Anglo-Saxon Canadians, who are of course very much part of the Old Stock founders of Canada, those who settled the area which became Canada. Surely the people who were responsible for clearing the wilderness and making the place habitable should be given some credit, and treated with the respect due to those who made the country and its culture. Instead, they are being pushed aside in the name of  ‘diversity and inclusion’, as always, but it seems the Anglophone Canadians are being “included out.” What exactly are their plans for the old-stock Canadians?

In this country,  the old-stock Americans, descendants of those who colonized and made America a livable place, are likewise treated as disposable, and slated for replacement and absorption into the polyglot Babel being shaped right now in the wake of all the turmoil.

The issue, of course, is ‘racism’, and Trudeau and his fellow world ”leaders” want  it known that there are good and evil sides in this scenario, and of course the evil side is embodied in the European-descended people, in Canada as in the U.S. and all of former Christendom. So our ”leaders” have made it clear.

The article quotes many protesters who came to this event and their grievances but who will give a thought to the very real grievances of the Anglophone Canadians? The very flawed leftist idea of ‘racial justice’ is at the core of the attitude of the ‘leaders’ of the Anglosphere countries; it seems to be about punishing the successful and promoting what the leaders call ‘protected groups‘ to the place of honor. That’s more vengeful than just; it speaks of envy and resentment, not ‘fairness’  or equality. Casting a people aside as if they had outlived their ‘usefulness’ is all too typical of the left’s cynicism.