American egalitarianism

Was America intended or meant to be egalitarian? Brett Stevens at the Amerika blog writes about that subject.

People on the left frequently use the word ‘equity’; it seems to be the word they prefer these days rather than ‘equality.’ Is there any meaningful difference between those two words?

As to whether this country was meant to be egalitarian, I think I agree that it was not the intention of the Founding Fathers. And was our country always ‘diverse’? Or was it intended to be diverse? There is certainly evidence that the Founding Fathers wanted this to be a homogeneous country, not a country riven by ethnic, cultural, and religious differences.

In Brett Stevens piece, he mentions that the Founding Fathers intended to establish an Anglo-Saxon population, not a polyglot, ‘diverse’ population. This news does not sit well with a lot of Americans or with people in other ‘diverse’ countries, maybe because the schools do not teach these facts — or so it seems. As ‘diversity’ is enshrined as the highest good then of course the true history of this country and other such countries (Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa) must be depicted as bad. Who knows where this goes from here.

4 thoughts on “American egalitarianism

  1. Vive l’Anglo, pour favour.

    It should not be so hard to understand. We are New England, not Nova Scotia or New Dublin. I have nothing against Scots or Irish, but as an English-American, Anglo – whatever – I do find myself frustrated by the ideas of replacement theory. Whether it’s replacement by Slavs or coloureds or what-ever.

    It is a curious thing. I have many Celtic comrades and they are always at first surprised to learn I am of English stock, and that I hedge all my bets on this too. Why should we be any different, when the others live in our world?


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