Not off to a good start

Douglas Murray at the Daily Mail tells us that there is already some misunderstanding as a new administration establishes its position vis-a-vis post-Brexit Britain. Murray notes that the American media are apparently being both unrealistic about the lack of understanding between a post-Brexit UK and American ‘ruling elites’.

There is misunderstanding regarding past history with this country, specifically about the Irish question, and let’s be honest; some people want the issue kept alive even now, 900 or so years later, and even though many of them have been in the U.S. or the UK or Australia or New Zealand for generations.

The fact that one of our ‘elected representatives’ has been taking sides in matters of the Irish issue cannot help but add to misunderstandings. Politicians taking sides can appear as meddling and interference.

Wasn’t there some kind of kerfuffle, say, a dozen or so years ago, about some president returning a bust of Winston Churchill to Britain? Over the years the general opinion of the English on the part of the ‘Average American’ has become less friendly — which I find sad. Oddly it seems that as time passes, the British have become less like themselves and more like us. We, too, are less like our more authentic selves. I think all of us in the West have been the objects of an effort to de-racinate and to sever us from our past and our traditions and our true natures.

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