Take a look at the new Candour Magazine website, including the ‘Links’ page. And don’t miss the essay at the Traditional Britain Group on ‘The Meaning of British Nationhood.’ The latter essay is, I think, inspiring. It’s good to see that there is a real effort there to create a viable movement for preserving British heritage.

From that essay:

“We have carved our history into the hills and the music of Elgar, Vaughan Williams and Delius sings of it. We have written our legacy into the soil and even if we are on the threshold of losing our ownership of it, the beauty of Britain remains captured forever in the work of Turner, Stubbs, and Constable. This island is, indisputably, our family estate and it must not be lost. To disinherit generations of Britons yet to be born would be a crime and posterity would never forgive us.”

Stuart Millson, Traditional Britain Group, The Meaning of British Nationhood

See the rest at the link.

3 thoughts on “Inspiring

  1. I hope you are doing well.

    I sympathise
    thanks Bonnyblue

    I don’t exactly know what to do.

    I hope Charles and Artwork are okay.

    I like to think that more and more people are waking up. My generation is bad.

    Who loves Puritans these days?


  2. Hello Bonnyblue

    I would have thought you would have something to say about this winsor business.

    Best wishes

    I am not generally feeling great for unrelated reasons. Hope you are getting through it.



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