As others see us

This is just an impromptu post, after reading some comments on an English blog, regarding our troubles here in America.

This blog is generally concerned with emphasizing our English roots, and our kinship to those in the British Isles, specifically our English cousins. It does seem sometimes as though we are the red-headed stepchildren with whom they don’t wish to be associated. It’s disheartening, especially when we’re undergoing some serious changes over here.

It’s understandable in a way, that people outside this country, particularly those who have never been here have an unpleasant idea of us, of Americans as a people. We’re told that we’re not a people, but ‘mutts’ because we’re supposed to be just an unidentifiable mix of peoples. But in my own experience, many of the English people claim mixed backgrounds, often partly Irish or Scots — fair enough; those are closely related peoples. But I’ve met English people who claim to be partly Romany Gypsy, French, Hindu, and now with mass immigration, many from more exotic places are now called ‘British’ or even English, though they lack any Anglo-Saxon genes. So it seems England is also populated (though to a lesser extent) by people of mixed ancestries. But somehow it’s only we Americans (‘Yanks’) who are the ‘mutts’.

And it seems we are thought responsible for the political troubles we’re having. A little empathy for your cousins would be welcome, much as you may disapprove of us.

As far as I can see, England is in trouble in many ways, too.; we’re not the only ones. Now, I may never have an opportunity to go to England again but if I do, it would improve the experience a great deal to know that I might be welcome not just as a ‘tourist’ or visitor, but as a guest and as kindred. I am always glad to meet kinsmen and – women when I encounter them here, or wherever.

I think a big part of the problem is the ugly image Hollywood paints of Americans — and other peoples, too — in their movies; people elsewhere take it as real and accurate. Hollywood corrupts and uglifies almost everything it touches. No wonder there is such antipathy between people. Our country, our culture, is not just as Hollywood (and all the other ‘entertainment’ media) depicts it. Above all, the people are not necessarily like the media illusions that the rest of the world sees.

I wish our English cousins well, regardless of their misperceptions of us and our country. At this point we need friends and well-wishers, as we are in a time of unprecedented change.

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