Is it true that people in Western, that is, European-descent populations, really loathe themselves as media tropes have it? I’ve never been convinced, just based on the say-so of journos or psychologists pushing a politically correct agenda. Yet this idea persists and is the subject of a good article at the Cultural Action Party of Canada. The idea is being put forth by Conrad Black, a Canadian Historian who has been providing commentary in The Iconoclast as well as other Canadian media on the recent American election.

In a National Post article dated December 27th, 2020, Conrad Black has this to say:

To some extent the general Canadian ‘systemic racism’ self-flagellation in this country is our very own Canadian replication of American phenomena.”

Although the United States as a source for this social condition is not something we consider essential,  Mr. Black’s “systemic racism self-flagellation” component is.”

Brad Salzberg, Cultural Action Party of Canada

This ‘self-flagellation’ or self-hatred seems to be a phenomenon in all the Western countries, and it definitely coincides with the presence of so-called Critical Race Theory, which is everywhere it seems in our ‘educational’ system and in our culture.

There are in fact people who do hate themselves, or at least express hatred towards being white. I have talked to people, usually women, who have blurted out to me ”I hate being White.” When I’ve asked why they feel this way, and why they seem so emotional about it, they say ” because of what we did to other peoples.” These are people who have internalized the CRC and other propaganda without examining it dispassionately. The topic has become so highly charged over the years that people have become very emotional about it. It has grown over the years in intensity until it has become taken for granted that we are all somehow guilty.

The article at CAP asks, understandably, how ‘multiculturalism’ came to be the ‘essence’ of society in Canada, given the history of that country. Speaking for myself, I’ve noticed that the countries which have the most mild and ‘welcoming’ attitudes towards the masses of immigrants are often those, like Sweden, who seem to experience more difficulty with the newcomers. The spate of fires and car-bombings, etc., in that country do not seem to have been the result of harsh treatment by the Swedish people.

All of the West is being subjected to a sort of forcible conversion to the Religion of Antiracism. All of our media — the so-called ‘news’ media as well as movies and TV have gone into overdrive over the past couple of decades focusing on race and racial issues — all the while telling us that ‘race is a social construct’ which does not really exist except in the minds of ”racists”, whoever they are. Now our history is being rewritten to conform to the Narrative in which we are all guilty. It looks as though America is on track to pay a huge ”reparations” tab after which it will be declared inadequate. Maybe Canada will be spared that punishment or maybe not.

But how long will we be given any ‘permission’ to speak or write about this?

Some Europeans I’ve encountered blame America for this situation. But in fact European countries willingly chose to contrast their ‘broad-minded, tolerant’ attitudes with Americans ‘prejudice’ back in the 1960s and 70s. Sweden deliberately welcomed American black draft-dodgers as a thumb in our eye, making us look worse by comparison to their open attitudes. I wonder if they regret trying to one-up us with their ostentatious tolerance. And then we got into a virtue-signaling contest with them. Who won?

Multiculturalism leads to conflict, inevitably. Even countries which have been multicultural for centuries end in conflict as a rule.

Canada was for most of its history a peaceful, friendly place; most of the old-stock Canadian people I have known have been very good neighbors to us as a nation. I will repeat what I said in another post about the words on the Peace Arch which is at the Western Canadian border: “Children of a Common Mother.” Which we are — or were, until Canada was made into a polyglot globalized country.

Do Canadians and Americans hate themselves? Many do engage in self-flagellation of a sort. I don’t know if it is true ‘self-loathing;’ I hope not. I think that for many shallow people it is more of a ‘trendy’ pose to strike, a result of peer pressure. Talk is cheap, as the saying goes, and for many people just mouthing some kind of politically correct shibboleths, using the correct PC language, is a small tribute to pay to show one’s compliance. Up until recently just saying the right words was all that was demanded of us. But when one is pressured to ‘take a knee’ or even lick someone’s boots on command, suddenly it’s different.

I know that this situation does not exist only in our countries. It seems that the Anglosphere countries have been especially targeted. And still a lot of these countries continue to vote for globalist, socialist politicians. That might be the real evidence of self-loathing.

2 thoughts on “Self-loathing

  1. I ran this experiment and was shocked by the results.

    Call it, a gradual planned withdrawal from the the causes of the malady you mention.

    Day 1: Unsubscribe from cable TV
    Day 2: Delete Twitter account
    Day 3: Invite all Facebook “friends” to email you for your mobile number, announcing you’re leaving Facebook
    Day 4: Delete Facebook account
    Day 5: Unsubscribe from the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, the New Yorker, the Atlantic
    Day 6: Pray. Practice gratitude
    Day 7: Call every friend
    Day 8: Write 3 letters to friends
    Day 9: Give a gift to one neighbor and one stranger
    Day 10: Read this direct and personal letter from The Thinking WASP …

    Within 10 days, I noticed how upbeat, optimistic and empowered I felt.

    The Thinking WASP is a celebration of all that is good about our Anglosphere culture. Whether your readers live in the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand … The Thinking WASP calls on the better part of ourselves and our culture.

    Share with your readers PLEASE. There is far more we do well.


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  2. I think it’s great what you are doing. Well done. I am glad that there are those who can always be upbeat and look on the brighter side of things.

    The blogging you are doing is surely helpful for a lot of people. It is very much needed I think, for everyone at least at times.
    I don’t feel any inclination to self-flagellate or to take on a lot of guilt as some people do. I suppose I react more with indignation about the things that are happening to us. Mind you I don’t think my reaction is better than yours your way is probably is the better way of addressing it. Unfortunately it’s always seemed to be my calling to be a polemicist — even though it’s vexing at times, sometimes it is energizing. I just feel the need to defend.

    Chesterton said that if you love something you will fight for it, and I think there’s a place for that. But that’s just me, and I realize it probably doesn’t gain me any friends and admirers.

    I agree that cutting oneself off from anything that demoralizes is the right thing to do. I’ve long since stopped reading the ‘mainstream’ media, (except for what’s on the Internet,} and I don’t go to today’s movies or watch Netflix, etc. Also no social media for me, never participated. I guess this makes me a certified curmudgeon, but I love my folk and my heritage and it makes me sad to see what is going on in the UK. It’s almost heartbreaking sometimes. But I feel the need to keep up with what’s going on in the UK and the Anglosphere in general, even though it’s troubling.

    Anyway thanks for writing and sharing that letter, it’s good stuff.

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