Brexit delays

Nigel Farage, in recent comments on the Brexit situation, expressed some skepticism about the outcome of the extended discussion on the issue. That’s understandable; the Brexit process was approved in 2016, and here we all are, near the end of 2020, with Britain still in the EU.

The never-ending discussion could appear to be just a stalling tactic, to delay any Brexit, and to weary the public, until eventually the plan will fail to be implemented.

It appears some of the people are disillusioned with the whole thing, and few have a heart to continue. Farage, in a recent video, expresses some guarded optimism about the possibility of a good Brexit deal, but acknowledges that it may not have an ideal outcome.

Personally I don’t put a lot of faith in Boris Johnson when it comes to getting the best possible Brexit conditions. But we’ll see, as the deadline approaches. But with the still-ongoing negotiations (and is the EU negotiating in good faith, BTW?) the situation is a little cloudy.

But is there a conscious plan to drag these negotiations out, so as to dull the desire of the pro-Brexit people to leave the EU? It was noticeable at the time of the original Brexit vote that the younger generations (Millennials and so-called Gen Z) were vehemently against exiting the EU. They were interviewed, sometimes in tears, over the prospect of leaving the EU, and this upset them. “We won’t be Europeans anymore” — “I don’t want to lose my European identity” and words to that effect.

Leaving aside the fact that nobody’s nationality is actually ‘European’ — a broad category — it struck me as a silly reaction on the part of the anti-Brexit youth. I do remember also that these same ‘Remainers’ said that the old people were ”racist” for wanting Brexit. Whatever.

Maybe the EU, being aware of the age divide on the issue, is hoping that if they delay Brexit longer, the ‘racist old people’ will be gone to their final reward, and that the younger voters attitudes will make a pro-EU decision much more likely. Minus the ‘problem’ older voters, maybe the plan for a Brexit will simply be dropped for lack of interest. I hope not. I would like to see Britain remain Britain, and I would like to see England once again recognized as its own country, and as a nationality, an ethnicity, not just an archaic name on a map.

The Scots talk independence, though they voted it down when given a chance; Wales is free to be nationalistic, but so far England has not been allowed that choice. Not even an English Parliament as of now.

The people of the UK made a choice for Brexit; I hope the will of the people is not disregarded or quietly pushed aside.

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