No place to be spared, it seems

The Test Valley in Hampshire, UK is a beautiful area, and it’s said to be unscathed by the endless waves of immigration. The Test Valley was the home of many of my English ancestors who came to Massachusetts in the 1600s. So the current controversy over the possibility of a migrant camp being built in a small town there has a personal meaning for me. I am sure there are similar stories from all over the UK about towns being transformed due to the ever-increasing flow of immigrants. Even reading such stories about places to which I have no connection (as far as I know) it does have a personal meaning for me somehow. I have ancestors from various places in England and I do feel for the people whose lives may be affected by another such migrant wave.

The Borough Council leader, Phil North, is quoted in the linked article as saying that such a facility would be like an “open prison”, which seems to me a strong statement, or maybe it’s just that we’ve all been conditioned to hearing the usual Politically Correct pabulum from a lot of local “leaders’ here in the U.S. And the admission from local leaders that a rise in criminality would be likely, is surprisingly frank. But in fact anyone who follows events in Europe and here as well knows that the migration tsunami of recent years has in fact caused quite an increase in criminal behavior in the affected countries. I am concerned that the subject will soon be added to the lengthening list of taboo subjects which we, the people, will not be allowed to mention. (The social media and the MSM so-called, are accomplishing it by degrees; just watch.) But for people who are being adversely affected by this open borders policy, and not to be able to examine it as citizens, or to have a choice in the matter makes for a lot of discontent, which may or may not be expressed openly. And to get the implicit message that we are no longer allowed a say in matters that affect us and our families is hard for those who’ve grown up in a free country, where we had a say in our future — even if not as fully as we should.

I sincerely hope that the plans for the migrant center may somehow be changed, so that another location will be chosen — but who then would be chosen to ‘host’ the uninvited guests? I suppose thanks to EU edicts or U N policy these things are mandatory. Will Brexit (if it ever occurs!) change all this mandatory migration?

Has it ever occurred to anyone in high places in the UK that they might just say ‘no’ to the swamping of their homeland, or to the Replacement?

Maybe I am too much of a sentimentalist or a ‘romantic’ when it comes to family and roots. But I always remember that most of my ancestors’ bones lie in English soil, and it is sad to think that England may one day belong to strangers who will have no respect for our deceased ancestors and all the relics and remains, the churches, the hallowed places, the historic sites. It can only have meaning for us. It’s sad, and it’s shameful that some are willing to sell out the English people and their beautiful homeland.

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