Politics and sports – do they mix?

Nowadays just about everything is politicized, and it’s a minefield because Political Correctness insists that we all conform; we can’t keep our political ideas to ourselves. Remember that phrase ‘silence is violence’? To not express a stance is to confess to being on the Wrong Side of History, a place which we want to avoid in the age of compulsory conformity.

British fans of Millwall booed the (now obligatory?) ritual of ‘Taking The Knee’, and as it happened, similar scenes occurred at other football matches around England. There must be a growing resentment of this politicizing of football, just as in some places in the U.S.

Interestingly a Cabinet Minister also spoke up for the booing fans. However he insisted on adding politically correct remarks to his defense of the fans, with some boilerplate remarks about equality and the usual cant. But I suppose that’s to be expected, and at least there is some sign of life.

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