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Maybe some of you have taken a look at the Dutton video below this post. I found it interesting; he talks about how ethnocentrism is important to a society — or in some cases, the lack of ethnocentrism is a problem. As Dutton says in this video, ethnocentrism, or a healthy love and loyalty to those of your own folk, is becoming very weak, almost non-existent amongst some Europeans and European-descended people. And it’s by design, at least in part. Ethnocentrism interferes with plans that are in the works — about which we were never consulted.

One tidbit Dutton mentions is that being religious correlates with being ethnocentric; this contradicts the assertions of a lot of people who comment on dissenter or HBD blogs; they love to say that Christianity in particular influences people to be internationalist/”universalists”. I don’t accept that; it’s almost always someone with an anti-religious axe to grind who makes those assertions. I believe I’ve seen some polls and surveys that agree with what Dutton says.

I think it’s obvious what has caused the decline in ethnocentrism amongst Northern Europeans, though some people would question which is the cause and which is the effect.

Dutton also went into more detail about the ‘spiteful mutant’ theory. Unsurprisingly he receives a lot of criticism and ridicule for that, though he is not the originator of the idea himself. Actually I find the idea seems plausible.

One thought on “Dutton video

  1. I’ve been enjoying Dutton immensely for close to a year now. He offers a lot of hope that Natural Law or the gods of the copybook headings have a way of comin out on top in the end… and that is without even considering the supernatural.

    Two avenues of his thoughts in particular that I find interesting right now:

    1. The greater genetic health of Euro-Americans due to much more recent a harsh Darwinian selection in comparison to Europeans that stayed in their homelands.

    Not to mention the fact that religiousness correlates with genetic health, and our American settler ancestors were some of the most religious Englishmen of their era. Despite all of negative environmental inundation with toxic media and foods, our people, especially the older stock more rural types really should have a shot.

    2. The growth of the “Right” especially the religious right in the West. What kind of demographic imbalance is taking place? How few children are the spiteful mutants having on average? How many are our guys having? He has mentioned he plans on looking into this question more in depth in a forthcoming book.

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