Delingpole on the ‘Reset’

James Delingpole writes about the ‘Great Reset’ or ‘Global Reset’, and why it’s trending on Twitter.

I am not sure why Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was chosen to bring this topic to the world’s attention recently, or if he was chosen by whoever to do so, but it seems his little speech at least attracted the notice of much of the world. The main purpose his speech seemed to serve was to verify for the scoffers and skeptics that this was no “conspiracy theory”, this Great Reset.

The ‘reset’, if it’s put into effect as planned by our betters overlords leaders will have a profound effect on our world, and for those of us who want to live in a free world — suffice it to say that we will have no say about these changes which are planned without our input. Needless to say, any criticism or doubt from the right will not be welcomed. And the left will be promoting this, as we’ve seen with Trudeau.

It is something that the citizenry should be aware of, but will the peoples to be affected by it, including the Anglosphere countries, be lulled to sleep about it, and accept the implications of it unquestioningly?

One thought on “Delingpole on the ‘Reset’

  1. Hello Bonnyblue

    I am worried that thse Radical Left Wingers are going too flood the USA and europe with harmfull illegal outsiders.

    I am really concerned about this. I sense deep atrocities because of this. I feel so powerless with my health limitations. I am just so distraught. We need great white Idealogical activists.



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