A new Brexit party?

Nigel Farage is about to revive the Brexit Party as Reform UK, in response to a great deal of frustration among pro-Brexit voters. The fact that the Brexit process, even after it appeared to have been approved, stalled not long after its approval by a majority of the electorate.

Farage recently found that his contract with LBC Radio was not renewed — because of his having made some impolitic statements about BLM — which of course cannot be tolerated. Boris Johnson, who recently spoke about the possibility of renewed lockdowns, had provoked irate reactions from the public, so this may be an opportune time to act , with the apparent frustration of the public.

One thought on “A new Brexit party?

  1. How, do you reckon, Britain will fare if they pull out, economically? This is an interesting quandary, I don’t know what to think. I don’t have a mind for geopolitics. It’s all Grug for me. I want the Anglosphere to gain real strength, outside of foreign influence. But by Brexiting, would that push our motherland toward a return to indigenous tradition, or further into the arms of Oriental (((Globalism)))?

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