European peoples

Have you seen the Europa Invicta website? The pages are about the question of European identity, which, as we are aware, is under siege, and being undermined and denied.

It’s very aesthetically pleasing, nice to look at. I have looked at related videos on YouTube, and wondered if the site is at risk of disappearing as so many non-PC media are disappeared fom YouTube. Although the subject matter is presented in a way that promotes European culture, rather than disparaging anyone else, even that is not guaranteed to prevent censorship or deplatforming.

Some of the Europa Invicta pages show European symbols, some of them shown on clothing items, based on historically or culturally iconic images — but they seem to be sort of ambiguous. There are no specific symbols for Britain or for England; I suppose that means they are included as part of the Northern or Northwestern category. The other ethnicities listed are not easily recognized to us here on this side of the Atlantic. I suppose we’re the stepchildren here on this side.

I am not in favor of anything that is globalist or leads to globalism; there is a lot of ‘stealth’ globalism in some of the organizations which speak of unifying everyone. It does seem that the EU in particular has made it a point to just absorb England into whatever kind of re-organized Britain they have planned, re-drawn along arbitrary boundaries, that more or less erase England off the map. Even worse, ultimately they would erase the English people, the ethnic English. Everyone else’s ethnicity is touted and encouraged while the English are being written out of history it seems.

While I applaud any effort to bolster European identity and culture, I don’t know that identitarianism is my cup of tea. I find it a little heavy and intellectual, which is fine for some but not the approach for everyone. One size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

2 thoughts on “European peoples

  1. I could be a Sperg and say that the Irminsul can be seen as proto-English. The Irminsul was a Saxon World Tree, but we know our forefathers knew and loved it too. Maybe even brought something of it along. In the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc you have the “Northumbrian” ætt of Runes, of which one is called Eār which you should see in my handle here. That Rune is known to be the English name for the God after whom the Irminsul was named. They say.

    That said, I agree. I find it bothersome, even within the context of White Nationalism, that English has little clout. Ironic, we are told we aren’t real unless they want a punching bag, by some of the purity spirallers.

    I’ve been reading into British Standards of late. I’ve fallen in love with the United Kingdom Standard, but I’ve also been taking a liking to looking into the many ways in which English folkways bred the early New England (and other) colonies. Still on Albion’s Seed, but when done I think I’ll learn about East Anglia .

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