Traditional dances

I was just reading an interesting thread at another blog, in which the topic was ‘modernism’ and within that context, dancing in different eras. The discussion on the thread was about the degree to which modern-style dancing contributed to the deterioration of our culture. But traditional music is a different story.

Someone posted links to ‘New England dances’, and though I couldn’t access the ones that were posted there, I did find this video of a dance from the 1960s. In a way that’s better because New England was more, well, English then than now, I think — depending on where or when (late 1960s in this case). Where it was filmed I don’t know, but it’s enjoyable to watch.

The dancing is much like any square dance from whatever part of the U.S., though in the South the music might not be as sedate as the music in the video; Southern music as played for square-dances was pretty lively, but otherwise the dances aren’t much different in differing regions.

And having been in the UK and Ireland, they have similar traditional dances.

I really enjoy writing or talking about culture, about folkways, music, and so on than about the politics. I don’t know about those of you who are reading this. What say you?

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