The two sides of snobbery

You’re nobody in today’s world until you possess some victimhood cred. It’s just a fact, it seems, and once somebody has victimized you by having a ‘toxic attitude’ toward you, or by or calling attention to your regional accent, then you officially exist. According to some of the news in the UK’s consistently left-wing media, mocking someone’s ‘regional accent’ is toxic.

I’ve noticed, over the years that the UK media became so hopelessly ‘woke’ that the BBC and other such outlets hired only newsreaders and “reporters” with strong regional accents or ‘working class’ accents. Very few were those who had what is now called a ‘Received Pronunciation’ kind of accent; nobody wants to hear “posh people” speak because “posh people” have a snooty way of speaking that the others who are not of the ‘posh’ class feel’triggered’ by, apparently.

Has it not ever occurred to people that this kind of thing is just another form of snobbery? I’m talking about resenting the ‘privileged’ people just because they were born into a certain class, through no fault of their own.

I realize I am going against the grain; we have this Jacobin-inspired resentment of the privileged or the wealthy here on this side the Atlantic, too. I find it to be a very deep resentment and envy especially in countries which preach ”equality” as one of the principles on which our countries are founded. Yet equality in nature is not fact; it doesn’t occur in nature. Equality can never be realized because we all have differing abilities, talents, and potentialities. Even identical twins are not equal, because even they differ in temperament, personality, and ability.

Britain, in its present leftist incarnation, obsesses too much about attaining equality, mainly through suppressing the superior abilities of some, and artificially elevating, or trying vainly to lift up the low achievers. There will never be any equality, or ‘equity’ to use the favored word of today. Equality can’t be created or faked, and the appearance of equality can be attained only by coercion, by forcing square pegs into round holes or vice versa. Those in power in the educational system have invented various ways to create a poor illusion of ‘equality’ via “positive discrimination” and by artificially placing someone in a position to fill a quota, or to show off how much ‘diversity’ is present in an institution but that does not prove anything about the relative abilities of individuals.

The United States is also obsessed, because of our supposed founding principles, with the idea of ‘equality’, plus ‘liberty and justice for all.’ That’s all well and good; we all value justice and liberty but we will never level society so that all are absolute equals. We’d be much better served to accept that people differ and that among differing people(s) in a ‘diverse’ country we can’t wish away or ignore human differences. Yet this is what we do, here in the U.S. as well as in the UK, hence someone always has grievances and complaints and accusations: someone has ‘discriminated’ against me, or made me feel bad; someone is ”keeping me down” for various reasons. And this will forever be the case as long as some people ‘feel’ discriminated against or imagine that the ‘privileged people’ are out to make their lives miserable, to keep them from succeeding.

In thinking this way they are only convincing themselves that any problems they have, any failures, are the fault of the powerful ‘privileged’ people, and that it is no fault of their own.

One of the marks of the mature person is taking responsibility. We are seeing less and less of that in adult people these days. I wonder why?

The left-wing media of the UK crank out this sort of article now and then to further their narrative of how society is divided between the Oppressed and the Oppressors. We all know how those groups are identified..

If divisiveness is based on regional origin and social class, as it supposedly in the UK, it seems the snobbery is simply reversed; it appears to me that the ‘RP’ or ‘posh’ accent is the one that is most derided and mocked in the UK; I’ve seen it made the target of ridicule and jokes, more so than the other accents. Even Princess Diana used to sound less upper-class, using glottal stops in her speech in interviews, etc. It seemed she was trying to overcome her ‘posh’ speech and to sound more demotic.

There is really no equivalent in this country to the RP accent, though it is true that the Southern accent is often looked down upon. I’ve had people tell me that Southern accents ‘make people sound dumb’, and that they always consider Southrons with an accent to actually have lower IQs. Still, those accents are being lost as people mimic the English speech they hear on newscasts, movies, and TV, so we all sound very much the same.

But it takes much more than an accent to know someone’s character, intelligence, or personality; any thinking person knows that.

I would wish that those who have a smoldering resentment of ‘privileged’ people might get over that envy and resentment and simply judge by the ‘fruits’, the words and character of the individual. After all none of us has any control over the class to which we belong by birth. And here in America we are supposed to keep pretending there are no classes in our country.

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