Placing the blame

At, there is a piece by Andrew Joyce in response to a short essay from the year 2007, by Curtis Yarvin. Yarvin is better known to many as erstwhile blogger ‘Mencius Moldbug’, who had a considerable following as the sort of guru to the Neoreactionary set of that time.

Joyce’s piece is lengthy and thorough; I recommend reading it if you are interested in the subject matter that is being examined in it, namely who is most responsible for the multiculturalism which is swallowing up Western civilization at the current hour.

If one reads the comments section on blogs which discuss that topic and related ones, you will soon become weary of reading comments blaming ‘WASPs’ and their Christianity for the impending death of Western civilization and those who created it. I will say I am more interested in the allegations of ‘WASP’ complicity in this crime; it may be that WASPs were too trusting and too subdued to try to avoid the loss of their identity and the loss of their primacy on this continent. But it is not true, in my opinion, that Anglo-Saxons conspired or acted in concert with ‘Zionists’ as some say, to bring about a multicultural America.

I’ve read some of Moldbug’s ideas about who was to blame in this situation, and as with Paul Gottfried, I find an effort to shift blame onto old-stock Anglo-Saxon Americans. One argument Moldbug/Yarvin makes is that his people, that is, Jewish-Americans, merely tried to assimilate to WASP norms. More blame-shifting.

“There is little question that Jews were keen to obtain the outward signs of social climbing in America — by, for example, entering certain professions or joining fashionable golf clubs. But underlying many of these economic advances was an outright hostility to the culture, politics, and behavior of the Protestant Brahmin class. In this regard, Yarvin’s definition of “assimilation” needs to be problematised. As I’ve argued elsewhere, and developed further in my forthcoming book, it is highly doubtful whether genuine Jewish group assimilation has ever occurred in any nation at any time. In the United States, Jewish “assimilation” has involved the academic deconstruction of WASP cultural heroes (e.g., T.S. Eliot, Richard Wagner), the pathologization of the WASP family (Freud, the Frankfurt School, and their intellectual followers), and the weaponisation of WASP children during the 1960s “New Left” revolution…”

The last part of the paragraph above, which alludes to the ‘weaponisation of WASP children’ during the ’60s New Left revolution is right on the money. The idea that WASPs were complicit in their own displacement and ultimately our loss of identity and diminution of power just makes no sense.

But for self-serving reasons, having to do with nepotism, or the promotion of mass immigration from third-world countries as a ‘survival strategy’ it appears that it’s in the interests of some to promote the replacement of the long-standing inhabitants of what was once Christendom.

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