Flag emblems

Gadsden flag

According to the book I’ve been reading, the English colonists preferred the above flag to the other options.

“The emblem which was most favored by the colonists seems to have been the rattle-snake, which was commended for its vigilance, for its character in never beginning an attack and never surrendering, and for generosity in giving notice with her rattle, and warning her enemies against treading on her.”

Pennsylvania Journal, 27 December, 1775, quoted by Preble, op.cit., 214

I always wondered why the rattlesnake was the emblem, not just on this flag but on the other flags which used similar symbols, for example, the ‘Join or Die’ flag, though the message conveyed on that one was self-evident.

It seems the Gadsden flag is under fire for not being politically correct somehow; whoever sits on high and tells us that something is bigoted or that it must be banned, it always looks 100 percent arbitrary to me; no rhyme or reason.

The book I’ve been reading, English influence on the United States, is a short read but interesting. I will probably blog about it later. It has to do not only with culture, etc., but with architecture, town planning, and so on. The writer appears to be focusing on New England rather than the South and its Anglo-Saxon origins and colonies but he does touch on those things.

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