National characteristics

From  “Heads, Faces, Types, Races” (1910) by Dr. Rocine

Obviously the above is from a book which is more than a century old; it may seem archaic. Much of what the author says about “National characteristics of the English people” may no longer be true, just as his comments about Americans above may not be accurate as a description of Americans in 2020.

I find ‘human biodiversity’ fascinating as there really are differences among the many ethnicities and races on this planet, all the while we are being told that people are ”all the same”, with skin color alone (so they say) being a distinguishing mark. No; there are differences physiologically and anatomically, though it is politically incorrect to notice these things.

And outward difference like the color or shade of one’s skin is not as important as the differences in ‘national characteristics’, ways of thinking, and culture and any number of factors.

Not long ago I posed a question on this blog, asking whether peoples can change over time, or be changed — say, by means of demographic changes to a country, or by propaganda, or any other means. I am still not sure if people can be changed to something different to what they originally were. It would seem we Americans are not exactly the same people who fought WWII or conquered the wilderness as our ancestors did, in fact.

Another question I’ve pondered is: are we and our English cousins becoming more disparate in our national character, so that we feel more estranged, on both sides?

How closely do we fit the descriptions in the pages of the book above?

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