Free speech in England

The resentment of Norman ‘invaders’ is still, apparently, alive and well in parts of England. I do get the impression from what I have read and heard from English folk that it is not uncommon.

I actually used to believe that the Irish grudge against the Anglo-Normans took the prize for its persistence. Now I am wondering: the Norman Conquest began in 1066 (it will be a full thousand years ago this century) and the Anglo-Normans invaded Ireland in 1169 through 1171. Obviously the Norman conquest of England took place in a longer-ago time.

How can a group of people still be labeled “invaders” or considered alien when they have been in a country for almost a millennium? It’s not as though they are still speaking a foreign language, separating themselves from those of only Anglo-Saxon blood, or going back and forwards to their ‘native country’ as so many of the immigrants to modern Western countries do.

The Normans were not so genetically different from the Saxons. I don’t think the DNA testing now can differentiate precisely between the different ethnicities of Britain, not even as much as between Anglo-Saxons and Scots, or Anglo-Saxons and Welsh, or Dutch.

So why are those of Norman descent spoken of at times as being outsiders, not belonging on the island of Britain?

I can understand why being conquered would have a certain ‘sting’ to it, just as with Americans who might rightfully feel that we have not just been colonized, but thanks to the machinations of the Leftist infiltrators and subversives, we are not in control of our country any longer. It does wound the pride.

But here is an article by Peter Hitchens which I happened across; ithas some interesting thoughts about the changes in the UK and about the state of Free Speech and other liberties, along class and regional lines. He also writes about the Norman-Anglo-Saxon divisions. Interesting subject matter.

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