No WASPs need apply

Now that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed on, it looks like we are in for a lot of agitation and rampaging from the malcontents on the left. They are making threats about ‘burning it all down’ if Trump replaces Ginsburg on the Court. It may be all talk — but judging by past and current behavior from those people I don’t think they will quiet down and be civilized.

The talk is that Trump has a female candidate to take RBG’s place. That’s Trump being politically correct again, as if a female candidate will placate the obstructionist left. If she is a POC (and I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump chose that way, hoping to appease) well, even that wouldn’t satisfy the left. Then there’s the ‘never-Trump’ fake conservatives.

But why, since there is only one on the Supreme Court who can be called a WASP, can’t we have one nominated? Or a few nominated? It seems to be some kind of unwritten law of Political Correctness that once a position is filled by POCs it can never, ever revert to an Anglo-Saxon-descended person. That would be regressing to the evil past, I suppose.

In the above picture of the SCOTUS justices from 1920, most of the justices were of old-stock WASP origins. In the photo we see Brandeis (who was of course Jewish), Pitney, Reynolds, and Clarke (on the top row, L-R), then the seated men in the front row are Day, McKenna, White, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Van Devanter.

Already we see how changing demographics, and the 19th century immigrant wave, were affecting institutions. The Court then had one Jewish justice, as well as McKenna, the son of Irish Catholic immigrants, and then Van Devanter is of Dutch ancestry. However Dutch were often considered sort of ‘honorary WASPs’ as they had as long a tenure in America as those of the early English stock, and they had fully assimilated by this time. Genetically, too, the Dutch and the English are seen as close kindred. In addition they were of the Protestant fold.

So most of the men on the Court, except for McKenna, the Irish Catholic, and Brandeis, were Protestant by faith, fitting the ‘WASP’ definition.

As people have pointed out, the majority faith in this country is still Protestant, though that includes Protestants of disparate denominations. But why should the majority population be subordinate to those of other origins and faiths? Why should we as the core people not have more input and representation? This country has made ‘diversity’ and antiracism the center of any ‘religion’ this country has.

It’s not likely to happen; there will be no resurgence of WASP influence, much less a return to dominance. It does not look as though common sense or fair play will ever make a comeback. For now we are stuck with the victimhood sweepstakes, and the truckling attitudes — to think we were once pre-eminent in this society.

I trust Trump to make the politically correct choices in this business, and I expect the left to oppose him at every step nonetheless.

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