The future of Anglo-Americans

At the Identity Dixie blog I came across a good piece discussing the predicament in which Anglo-Americans, especially Southrons, find themselves amid the current upheavals.

“The originating class of Heritage America that discovered and built the United States is being destroyed by their own kindness. Unfortunately, the reality of the future is far darker than at any time in world history. Unlike previous periods of time, we now live in a world that offers no opportunity to move, resettle, and rebuild. The fact is, Heritage America now faces an existential threat and few options are available. This piece is an exploration of the death of Anglo America and the limited options of her descendants.”

The piece, titled Aeneas Cannot Abandon Troy, is unusually fair-minded towards Anglo-Americans. Whenever I come across a piece on this subject I automatically steel myself for the usual snide or scornful remarks about English-descended Americans. This piece was surprisingly free of that kind of thing.

The writer references the book Albion’s Seed, and some of my readers, if you’ve read here long enough, may know that I maintain some skepticism towards Professor Fischer’s book, but mostly because it seemed as if many readers came away from that book with over-simplified notions of the four ‘folkways’ and the various Anglo or British migrations. Otherwise I agree with the writer of the blog piece here in that Anglos do seem to have an innate drive to ‘make things better’ where they are, to improve the spot where they settle. And there is some truth that Anglo-Saxons are sometimes ‘victims of their own unique empathy’ as the writer of the piece says.

The piece also discusses the fate of the Anglo-Saxon element in the South. My paternal family have lived in the South since the founding era of Jamestown, in the early 1600s. They’ve not become absorbed by the waves of new peoples coming to settle the South lately. Some people scoff at the idea that the Anglo-Americans in the South could possibly have remained ethnically the same as they’ve always been; the fact is, with immigration being pretty rare until the latter part of the 20th century in the South, many people actually have retained their ethnic/genetic identity, believe it or not.

The colonial-stock people of the South used to identify more as Southrons than as just ‘generic Americans’ as some say. That was more of a product of the ‘civic nationalist’ trope of the last century. But with the arrival of people from many other states in the mid-to-late 20th century, there was more of that ‘just American’ identity. But when you consider what it means, it’s empty. What does ‘just American’ mean?

As of now I seem to see that at least some Southrons will re-discover, or strengthen, their earlier roots and the unique culture of the South, and this is because so many Northerners are becoming more hostile toward the South. A lot of uninformed people have spread erroneous ideas about what happened in the 19th century — the abolitionists’ long siege on the South, the lead-up to the War Between the States, and so on. History is not being taught in our schools, or worse, falsehoods are being fed to the students, creating a generation that has been taught that the people of the South are evil and our cause was morally wrong. This may lead to a desire to discover some pride in our origins and our sense of identity.

Despite the fact that America as we knew it may be gone forever, and that the South and its unique ways are to be destroyed, I don’t foresee the old-stock Southrons migrating; they settled and created the South as we’ve known it, and they are, or always were, a determined people, a tough people — yes, even those ‘Cavaliers’ that some people disparage. I would like to believe that the people of the South inherited those ‘bulldog’ traits attributed to our English ancestors, and the ”hearts of oak.”

I like to believe that ‘blood will tell’, that we are our parents’ children, made of sterner stuff than what our present crisis indicates.

8 thoughts on “The future of Anglo-Americans

  1. Hello Bonnyblue

    I feel that this is unfair to New England.

    I thought that is what the common New Englander and their midwesterner descendents who were the most Anti Immigration. I might go into more detail later.


  2. Hi again

    The people who disparage Anglo-Saxons in moral terms know how unjust it is. This is intellectual sadism.

    Big issues in the development of Anglos problems have been

    -The right for “citizens” to reside in any state. This encouraged cheap Gypsy like opportunism and cultural disotrder.

    -Birthright Citizenship. we all know this one.

    -The disestablisment of state Churches.

    -European Countries and Empires Purposely dumping their undesirables on America. Even the Protestant nations have been guilty of this. They resent American character.

    -Moving West Americans suffrered from Iodine deficiency. I think this caused alot of stupid decisions.


  3. Puritan – thanks for commenting.
    I didn’t consciously disparage New England in my piece; I am not sure what part of it was unfair to New England.
    My maternal ancestors were New Englanders so I certainly don’t have anything against New Englanders.

    I appreciate your comments and opinions, so I am not wanting to take issue with you.
    I think what I was trying to convey was that since all this recent racial conflict most White Americans have come to think of those from the South as evil racists because slavery was the absolute worst evil in all human history.

    I usually point out that it’s funny that the Bible lists all the sins except slavery. Biblical figures had slaves and they were not condemned for that.
    I don’t think any Southern people would want to bring it back, though. I certainly don’t, not in the least.

    Again I did not intend to disparage New England; though somehow I somehow came across that way without knowing.


    1. “Any fair-minded individual must admit the United States is dead. In large part, this was due to the largess of Anglos themselves. More pointedly, this was the result of militant egalitarians who comprise Anglo New England. ”
      “Even today, Yankee Anglos vote for policies that will uniquely harm their own children and dismantle the functioning society built by their forefathers. ”

      Hello BonnyBlue

      It wasn’t anything you said but the article you linked to.
      The Author seems to have a desire to run down yankees and overlooks the mistakes of his Irish Catholics and Dixie kin. He clearly is ignorant of the voting patterns of these demographics. Look at the 1960 Presidential election results by state. Your Texas and his Irish catholic areas voted blue but the Yankee holdout states Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont were all red.


      On another site you liked to there was also someone happy that Yankees are dying out.

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    2. Puritan – if I link to an article which puts New England Yankees in a bad light, it doesn’t mean I necessarily agree. On my maternal side I am of ‘Down East Yankee’ descent.

      I was not aware of the 1960 election results. I think Texas then was wary of voting for a Catholic candidate. The South used to vote Democrat and then went Republican but everything is changing with mass immigration.

      I’m on the same side as you, I think. I don’t have any sympathy with those who dislike Yankee New England people, especially if they don’t even know anything about that region or the people.


    3. Slavery

      Well irrespective of origin we have way too many people who are too corrupt for freedom. Actually Puritans practiced significant slavery, even of whites that got in their way I think.


  4. I’m intrigued by your criticism of Albion’s Seed, I’ve liked the book, but found the depictions of Virginia and the Appalachias unsympathetic. Maybe that is my latent “Yankee Imperialism” or maybe there is some innate bias. I did enjoy the section on New England, where I am from. But what I would love is to find more books like his that detail English America.

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