‘Rogue’ Britain

Yesterday’s post was about English independence, among other things, and it seems that the UK is now the object of efforts to prevent the implementing of Brexit. Will the UK ever break loose from the EU?

Obviously the EU never wanted Brexit to happen, both for economic reasons, as this article at Cambrian Dissenters mentions, and because the EU is pretty obviously meant to form the nucleus of a united Europe, a stepping-stone to the global government that we have heard about over the years. And their plans would be incomplete unless they succeed in absorbing the UK.

I might have guessed that Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden would be involved in this effort to prevent Brexit.

“Not wishing to be upstaged by the Speaker of the House, Presidential candidate, and world renown plagiarist, Joe Biden, announced in words not of his choosing that due to breaking international law Great Britain will be at the back of the queue for a trade deal.

This pair of long serving, senile geriatric swamp dwellers from across the water have joined forces with a treacherous cabal of British politicians, civil servants and an assortment of other establishment figures to frustrate and reverse Brexit or keep the British people shackled to the hated EU with a Brexit in name only deal.”

Cambrian Dissenters blog

The Brexit plan has been troubled by obstacles and roadblocks all along the way, during the years it was awaiting approval through referendum.

This kind of thing reflects very badly on the EU and its apparatchiks, as well as ”our” politicians here in the U.S., with their attempts to influence British politics.

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