Talk of a ‘new name’, cont.

A few posts back, I brought up the suggestion another blogger made; the idea was that ‘we’, that is the Posterity of the founders, need a new name for a resurrected America. This is all theoretical of course, as the fate of our country seems to be hanging in the balance.

Most of the right, or at least the realist right, sees America as already expired, or at best, on life support. As for me, I haven’t given up on this country. I think a country, or more precisely, a nation (of kindred people) is alive as long as its people still exist, even though they may be decreasing as a percentage of the population.

A nation is people. A nation is not merely a piece of territory populated by whoever, which is what America is becoming, rapidly.

Over at TOO, “John Q. Publius”, in a piece called “Is Civil War Inevitable?” mentions the name ‘New Albion’ in passing. I gather that this is a suggested new name for the U.S., or is he speaking of a hypothetical new configuration of the U.S.? I think he implies that it’s supposed to be a new name for a location on the Atlantic Coast, although the name ‘New Albion’ was the name chosen by Sir Francis Drake for territory he claimed for England back in the 16th century. That territory was in Northern California, far from New England. has a little book recounting Drake’s story of his landing.

To return to the idea of a new name for a hypothetical nation, I like the name New Albion, but I know it would not sit well with a lot of people in today’s U.S. And we can only wonder what would have been, had Drake or other English explorers made definite claims to more of North America, and actually founded more colonies.

I can’t help thinking, too, of the Drake’s Drum poem and the legend that Sir Francis Drake will awaken and return in time of England’s need to defend his nation. That same promise is made for King Arthur, who is also to be a defender in time of England’s crisis.

We seem to have no such folk-heroes here in this land, and as fewer people believe in the God of our Fathers and his return, it’s no wonder that our folk seem so passive and demoralized.

I suppose we have to comfort ourselves by believing that something of our country can be salvaged from the wreckage. Man can’t live without hope. And a revitalized country is something to hope for, along with a new name for it. We have to hope and dream, even if our foes oppose all that we stand for.

3 thoughts on “Talk of a ‘new name’, cont.

  1. Not sure ‘New England’ can’t retain it’s regional name. Hate to see historic misapplication of ‘New Albion’. I suspect most persons adopting the name likely know little about Sir Francis Drake and the Pacific Coast. If they wish to use it, why not relocate to the actual nativity of it’s location and help with renewal in the Far West? But, there are also other ways to keep memory and identity. I recently wrote an article about the appropriation of New Albion or Drake’s anchorage at home and/ or in Anglo congregations (especially if the Prayer Book is observed), comparing Canada’s Dominion Day to Drake’s landing in Alta California. Perhaps modest rituals like the following can be a start to preservation? There are some links to some nice articles regarding the history of Drake’s expedition as well as the Prayer Book Cross facing the Golden Gate. See “John the Baptist Days”:


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