The success of North America: why?

At the Isegoria blog, there is a link to an excerpt quoting the geographer Jared Diamond. In that excerpt he is discussing how North America became more successful economically; in his opinion the main factor is a temperate climate. He also credits the fact that North America “inherited” a system of government. This ‘legacy’ from Britain ensured that our country had a successful “democracy.”

{Almost universally, people who should know better refer to our government system as ”democracy”, when the Founding Fathers gave us a representative republic. At this moment we are in such disarray I don’t know whether we can call our government that.
But that question is for another time.}

There are other factors that Diamond credits for the greater success of North America versus Latin America; he apparently believes that when our country achieved independence from Britain, it was a more ”radical” break from the mother country, as all the loyalists supposedly fled to Canada, or back to Britain, or they were killed. I am not sure it was as clear-cut as that, but I’ll go along with it for now.

Diamond’s arguments don’t convince me; I remember when his book Guns, Germs, and Steel was published. His ideas amounted to geographical determinism; no people could claim credit or take blame for their success or failure. It was all due to climate and geography, or some external factor — in this discussion, it’s about ”inheriting” a government system, or the English colonists just having the good luck of a shorter sailing distance from the home country.

It’s all chance, fate, serendipity if you accept Diamond’s HBD-denying rationale.

Our fault lies not in ourselves, but in our stars, it’s more or less luck that governs our fate.

At the time of Diamond’s first book I concluded he was just trying to counter the idea that HBD, human bio-diversity, innate differences accounted for what he credits to ‘luck’ or chance, good or bad fortune. ‘Pay no attention to human differences’, seems to be his message.Success? It’s all a roll of the dice, and White folk obviously had the luck and seemed to succeed more often than chance alone would dictate.

For egalitarians, or those who pretend to be egalitarian, this is a hard pill to swallow, especially when the “scientific” orthodoxy denies the reality.

Meanwhile I read that Diamond is now fretting over the ‘climate disaster’ bogeyman, and preaching that people should develop a planetary consciousness in this ‘globalized’ world.

A comment on the original blog post points out that the other Anglosphere countries, the former Commonwealth, lacked the basic liberties which our Bill of Rights (once) guaranteed us. The idea, of course, was that these rights were God-given; not ‘granted’ to us by any government or document or bureaucracy, but endowed by our Creator. God giveth and governments take away, it seems.

“The current crisis may help us develop a global identity by making it obvious that we are all in the same boat, all people everywhere in the world.”

Jared Diamond, Noema Magazine, July 28, 2020

I don’t agree that the other English-speaking countries had no such rights; England once had such rights and freedoms, perhaps not as fully as we once had them, but speaking one’s mind was allowed; Englishmen once even had the right to bear arms. Our very ideas about freedom and liberty were a product of our English heritage. It’s been said that liberty as we understand it was an idea peculiar to the British and their colonist descendants. Judge William Blackstone famously spoke of the “absolute rights of Englishmen.” When our colonist ancestors were seeking independence they too invoked their “rights of Englishmen” as justification. Some of our history books downplay the English influence on our history but our secession from the British Empire was not a repudiation of our identity as some histories imply.

It’s only been the onslaught of the crypto-leftist ideologues over the decades who slowly and insidiously eroded our rights and freedoms. And too many people were asleep or unwilling to believe what was happening.

England/the UK and Canada, as well as Australia and New Zealand seemed to succumb more quickly than this country; why, I don’t know precisely. I don’t believe it’s because of our geographical circumstances, Jared Diamond notwithstanding. Since when are geographers experts on socio-political matters, anyway? Geography is interesting but it can’t explain human differences in ability and in mindset — which are very real.

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