‘Civic nationalism’

At the Council of European Canadians blog, there’s a very good piece by Jon Foster on “Civic Nationalism”. I’ve mentioned Civic Nationalism a number of times, I think, in posts here on my blog.

I recommend reading the piece by Jon Foster; it’s a longish piece, but well worth it. He makes all the essential points and sums up the subject very well.

Obviously I think Civic Nationalism is detrimental to us for a number of reasons, which Foster explains well. But the main problem with it is that it keeps people from recognizing that the real solution to our dire situation is not to embrace the multicultural choice; ‘civic nationalism’ is, when you look at how it works in the real world, just proto-globalism, as it tries to make a multicultural, Tower-of–Babel nation an inevitability. This is what has happened in most of the Western nations, in former Christendom, in the UK as well as in Canada and the U.S.A.

The ‘Qanon’ movement promotes Civic Nationalism. The QAnon movement is not the ‘threat’ it’s made out to be by the complicit media — but I can’t approve it because it, too, is a ‘CivNat’ project, with their goal to restore America — but as a completely ‘civic nationalist’ country. You notice I don’t say ‘as a nation.’ A Tower of Babel is not a nation. Yet that is what they want to establish and to preserve, not an organic nation.

‘Q’ emphasizes how everyone has to learn to live in harmony with the burgeoning numbers of immigrants from literally everywhere, and people who make critical or politically incorrect statements about the Others will be scolded or warned that ‘that kind of talk gets us in trouble; we’ll be de-platformed,’ etc.

Civic Nationalism, in Foster’s words, is a fraud; it’s been perpetrated on us by degrees over a long period of time, and we, here in the U.S., went from being a country made up mostly of Anglo-Saxon descended people, with some kindred peoples here, to being a people of multi-ethnic immigrant stock — mostly European, though — to being a disparate collection or congeries of people, many not at all kindred to us, in language, customs, religion, cuisine, or genetics. And we are told this is somehow the highest form of human society, though we see it playing out differently in reality, with inter-ethnic tensions and conflicts.

Civic Nationalism, by being presented to us as an inevitability, or as an ideal form of society, deters many people from considering the ethno-nationalism that was once the default.

Civic Nationalists seem to be very dogmatic about their chosen system, and it appears they won’t brook any criticism of their system, often being proud of their multicultural, politically correct ideals, believing in their ‘rainbow society’ notions, and looking down on ethno-nationalists.

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