Virginia Dare

I’m a little late in commemorating the birthday of Virginia Dare, who was the first English child born to English colonists on this continent. Her birthday was on the 18th of August, but better late than never.

When I first began blogging, I usually wrote a little piece about Virginia Dare, and the mystery of the Roanoke colonists, whose whereabouts and fate were unknown; they disappeared. Were they absorbed by the local Indian tribe, or were they killed? Did they starve, or lose their way, so that they could not re-unite with the other colonists?

“Making the strange story of the Roanoke Colony all the more mysterious were the eerie circumstances surrounding its disappearance. The baffling circumstances were compounded more by what was not found than any evidence left behind. The agonizing fact was, there was almost no indication at all of how or why these 107 people vanished. There was no sign of war with hostile natives, no burned houses left behind, and no bodies – just a crude abandoned fort. There was no evidence of struggle, warfare or battle. In fact, it seemed that what homes and buildings that had been built were methodically dismantled, indicating the colonists had moved on purpose, and not in a situation of duress.”

Totally History” website

We will likely never know the fate of the Roanoke colony.

I can’t help asking this question whenever I’ve written about Virginia Dare: will there be any evidence that we were ever here, or will we be the next ”lost colony”, replaced, and missing without a trace?

2 thoughts on “Virginia Dare

    1. It is an intriguing story, about all those colonists vanishing without a trace, except for that word ‘Croatoan’ being left as some kind of message. (?)
      I don’t even have a good theory about what happened to them.

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