Lovecraft still offending people

H.P. Lovecraft has been dead since 1937 — since March of 1937. That’s what, 83 years ago? And he is still offending people by his opinions on the subject of HBD.

It’s the Irish who are taking such umbrage at his outspoken opinions, although he can’t be said to have singled out the Irish for his blunt appraisals. I think he was equally “insensitive” toward Mediterraneans and anybody from the other side of the Hajnal Line.

One fact that the ‘victims’ of HPL’s frankness forget, or perhaps never knew, is that his opinions were not at all uncommon amongst his peers, or among most of the generations up until the time of the Civil Rights Revolution, when being offended and demanding apologies became the order of the day.

Do we have some kind of ‘Constitutional Right’ or guarantee protecting us from being offended by people’s opinions of us? If so,  Anglo-Saxon Americans have cause to complain because there are a considerable number of Immigrant-Americans who despise Anglos and who say so at every available opportunity. Yet we’re supposed to just take it and not respond in any way. Then they say we are weaklings who don’t defend ourselves.

I noticed that there is some new TV series with ‘Lovecraft’ in the title and it, oddly, features black characters. It looks as though it might supposedly be set during Lovecraft’s era and in rural New England (just a guess) — never mind that in rural New England in the early 20th century, black people were scarce outside the cities of the Northeast. This kind of game the media have of placing POC in areas and times where they were all but nonexistent is just another form of media gaslighting. It’s insulting to our intelligence.

The media will have convinced the majority, by at least the next generation, that black people have always lived in every corner of the globe, and that they were just omitted from movie portrayals or textbook history because of ”racism.” So I suppose the globalist-multicult has to convince people that Lovecraft’s rural New England was populated by blacks as well as all other races and ethnicities. HPL would be incredulous that lies would be so readily resorted to in order to promote an agenda.

The thing is, today we are all supposed to worship at the altar of ”equality”, ever since the post-WWII years. But since then most of us (those of us with open eyes and the ability to accept reality) have learned that there is no equality; it’s absurd to have to pretend that we are all ‘the same’ or that we have the same capabilities. An alarming number of people do believe that, or at least pretend to. But if we acknowledge that truth is objective, and that it’s not ‘relative’, we have to reject this mandatory cult of equality.

Yet the ”equality” (actually the left seems to prefer the word ‘equity’ now for some reason) is not equality; it merely inverts the existing order. Anglo-Saxons once dominated this land — because they established lasting colonies, and their culture predominated over that of the other smaller colonies — so now they have to be demoted to being just one of many ethnicities and races in this country. People of other ethnicities now claim to outnumber us, so they assert primacy.

Anglo-Saxons are the favored culprit of the other people who hold grievances about the pecking order in this country, so we take the lion’s share of criticism. We are considered sort of the arch-Whites of this country, exemplifying everything the aggrieved people resent.

Lovecraft’s opinions and mindset were accepted in his day — not because people of that generation were ‘hateful bigots’ but because they called them as they saw them. They were honest. But honesty’s out of fashion in the 21st century.





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