The ‘black pill’: Canada

If my readers followthe immigration situation on the Canadian blogs, you will be aware of the blatant discrimination against Anglophone Canadians, and old-stock Canadians in particular.

This information via a Twitter discussion on immigration to Canada, and the rapid demographic transformation we see playing out now,  is the ‘black pill.’ I hope that more people will become aware of what is happening. It seems we are in a time when people are either unaware, or aware and apathetic.

So why does this situation get so little attention or discussion in the media? It should get more attention, even outside Canada, because parallel situations exist in all Western countries, including ours and the UK, really all the Anglosphere countries. The same plans to demographically ‘transform’ our countries continue apace, despite economic problems (Covid and its effect on businesses, especially small business) and Covid itself which is (so we’re told) still out there, a threat to public health. Given this situation,  mass immigration hardly seems like something we need;  What about the scarcity or high cost of housing and other necessities? The public health implications? The answer would not appear to be adding millions more warm bodies to our countries, yet an invitation, ‘come one, come all’ to the Third World seems to be a standing invitation, open-ended.

Meantime, the border between Canada and the U.S. is still closed.

I hope our Anglo-Canadian cousins are fully awake to the intensifying of the situation there, and to the implications for them.

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