‘Migrant’ crisis in the UK

As more and more boats carrying ‘migrants’ continue to arrive in the UK, Nigel Farage is now accusing Boris Johnson of not having the ‘guts’ to deal with the situation.

“On Monday morning, Mr Farage said that he doesn’t think the Prime Minister will tackle the issue out of fear of backlash and accusations of racism.


Writing in The Telegraph, Mr Farage said that statements from the government about trying to secure a deal with France to immediately return boat migrants “will remain hollow and meaningless until there is real political action,” adding: “it needs to come soon.”

The part played by France in ferrying these ‘migrants’ over to Britain is strange. Surely this wasn’t part of some agreement between the two peoples, was it? Otherwise it looks very much like an act of aggression.

The Breitbart article I link to speaks of PM Boris Johnson as being ‘paralyzed’ by Political Correctness. It’s certainly true that PC does paralyze people, preventing them from experiencing normal feelings about this situation. It’s meant to do just that. It disarms us psychologically, making us think that we don’t dare oppose these wrongs because we might then be shown as ‘bad’ people, heartless people who don’t want to help the oppressed and the needy. We’re manipulated into feeling that we have no moral right to act in our own interest, but must exist only to serve others.

However I don’t think this is afflicting Boris Johnson or any of his colleagues in government. It appears to me that all the political leaders are of one mind, more or less; even those in opposing political parties are globalists at heart, or so it seems. In their world, things are probably going according to plan.

Nigel Farage is starting to sound more like an ethnopatriot — or is he just playing a  part?

Farage is somewhat popular with a lot of right-leaning Americans, but I can’t say with certainty what I think of his politics. I like that he always stood up to the EU apparatchiks in Brussels.

The migrant boats will keep coming; it’s obvious that the ‘Grand Remplacement’ is under way in the UK and in Europe and here; a real life Camp of the Saints. However I can hope that somehow this could be stopped; Britain is a small island, densely populated, and it cannot hold millions more people.  I have never been an environmentalist in the sense of the leftist tree-huggers, but to destroy so much green space and pave over the landscape, to urbanize lots of beautiful rural areas — all for the sake of greed, really — it’s so wrongheaded, and it’s an offense against nature. And most of all, it’s a great wrong to the people of England — and the people of the whole island, really. The ethnic English, as well as the Welsh and the Scots — those people belong to that land and it belongs to them.

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