One of our early flags


I notice this flag is identified as the ‘First Navy Ensign’ or ‘Cambridge Flag.’ It looks identical to the Grand Union Flag. There were of course other flags in the Colonial days which included the Union Jack.

It’s  too bad that we have no real emblem these days honoring our origins. Or it may be that some organization of Anglo-Americans somewhere does display a flag or emblem of some kind, but there are none in my area that I know.  Maybe that’s why some Americans of different origins say that Anglo-Saxons ‘have no culture.’

One reason for that is that our ancestors’ culture became the basis for our American culture. There are things that we don’t give much thought to: the nursery rhymes and fairy-tales we all learned; a lot of our folk-sayings, our culinary habits (in some places).

Since we are likely to get swept away culturally we need to try to preserve what is left.


4 thoughts on “One of our early flags

  1. Great example of drawing elements out of our history and using them as rally points that contextualize today. We need to keep doing this, and establish as much continuity as possible, even through 19th century. I can do such up to WII, and thereafter very hard to identify with American culture. Really live in the past, but unlike many I can see rapprochement not only after the American revolution but also civil war. Those eras are important, but by 1960’s the churches very explicitly fall off the rails. I really can’t swallow anything in the Anglican milieu after Lambeth 1930. I think we all have our ‘lines’ of apostasy/orthodoxy.

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    1. Yes, despite everything I haven’t completely given up hope.
      Heritage is important, and it’s great that in the Bund there are brothers who are working on that. It’s fascinating to find out about your lineage and who you are kin to, what they did — and finding out, sometimes, that you have so much in common with those in past generations. It strengthens you I think.

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