It’s ”best to be English”

Bruce Charlton writes on why it’s best to be English, despite the current low regard in which English as well as other European ethnicities are held.

It does seem as though the people of the Anglosphere (I mean those with actual Anglo-Saxon origins) are taking the brunt of the punishment: the especial hostility of the media, the deliberate efforts to flood the Anglosphere countries with strangers, and to demolish the longstanding culture to extinction, and so on.

And while the other countries of much of Europe are also under siege, I think that the Anglosphere, including our country and Canada as well as Australia and New Zealand, are targeted for destruction, spiritually and culturally as well as materially.

As Bruce Charlton notes, why were the Powers-that-Be so hell-bent on stopping Brexit? Why was it seemingly so crucial to try to prevent England from seeking its own destiny alone?

I think that because Britain, despite recent history, always stood out as a strong, independent nation, and its people being a people of accomplishment. That can’t be allowed in this envisioned ‘global governance’ scheme; there must be equality, and the successful must be quashed and the unsuccessful artificially placed on a pedestal. Of course that is not ‘equality’ but since the unsuccessful can’t be raised up to an equal plane with others, the achievers, the capable, have to be dragged down and dumbed down. Mission accomplished, in these United (or once-united) States as well as in the UK.

Those of us who are Christians know that estrangement from the God of our fathers has bought us a lot of trouble. And this is all foretold in Scripture.

Dr. Charlton says that the ‘Anything But English’ mentality is very common in his country; I know that’s become more common in recent years. It seems that a suprising number of people in the UK have one English parent and a non-English (often Irish or Scottish) parent, and it’s more socially acceptable to claim the “Celtic” side as one’s ethnic identity. It’s somewhat analogous to the people here with one parent of another ethnicity along with Anglo-Saxon, prefer to be identified with a more exotic parent. This is predictable, given the ways in which the Anglo-Saxon ancestry is disparaged and condemned as ‘oppressive’ or ‘privileged.’

It would be laughable if not so wearisome to hear people going on about ‘the Anglo-Saxon elites’ who destroyed our society and who are still conspiring to oppress everyone and steal all the wealth, etc. Where are these shadowy people who supposedly rule over us? There are operatives, shills, trolls, whose life’s labor seems to be spread these stories on a number of websites, and they seem to be obsessed with these ideas, as they truly never talk about anything else. Are they paid to do this or are they just monomaniacs?

Personally, despite the current unpopularity of Anglo-Saxons or English folk, I have no wish to deny that ancestry. The fact that TPTB apparently see Anglos as a ‘threat’ to their One World Peaceful Utopia or their plans for Global control is rather flattering. Evidently they think Anglos still possess something of what enabled them to rule over much of the known world.

So, though it may be easier to reject one’s ancestry in order to make life in a hostile world easier, I think we have to embrace reality. In this case that’s not an unwelcome choice. And though our American ‘civic’ identity has been basically stolen out from under us and awarded to everybody who can sneak into our country and brandish false IDs, we can’t be robbed of our genetics. No one can usurp that from us.

But in spite of all temptations
To belong to other nations,
He remains an Englishman;
He remains an Englishman.

 – Gilbert and Sullivan, HMS Pinafore

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