The furor over statues is unabated

It seems that the recent trend for demolishing statues of the important and notable people has not gone away, despite the willingness of those in power to enable this vandalism. In fact, on both sides the Atlantic, the people in power appear fully consenting to the destruction. Why is that? Is it not aberrant and simply weird for this to be allowed and tolerated?

What is tolerated will in time be accepted, even exalted, as we’ve seen in most Western countries; what was formerly considered deviant is now celebrated and cheered. In the U.S. most of the big corporations are handing out lavish monetary rewards to the people who are wreaking very real destruction. These corporations for some inexplicable reason are lending their support, financial and otherwise, to those who do violence and scoff at our laws. Apparently mayhem is now a positive good in the eyes of these corporate powers-that-be.

I would love to see them asked to defend their policies, to ask them point-blank if they approve of violence and destruction. They should ‘own’ it, and be asked to defend it in so many words.

It appears the same kind of thing is occurring in the UK. Well, we no longer live in separate nations, it seems; it’s all one global system, though they are being coy about it.

As far as the statues in the UK, and the fact that the vandals’ thirst for destroying our history has not been sated, it appears that the main target now is Queen Victoria of all people. Why her? Because the British Empire reached its pinnacle of power under her reign? Notice that the target for destruction (including destruction of the target’s reputation as well as their image) is always the most successful. I think the vandals particularly hate and envy success, and want to destroy all evidence of it. Notice that Shakeena Johnson, one of those who proposes to topple more statues, specifically says ‘monarchs’, all of them, should come down.

Many people in the Western world have been indoctrinated to hate monarchs in general, all monarchs. Why? Well, Americans have the excuse that they’ve been taught that monarchy is intrinsically evil because it is not ‘democratic’ and it does not honor ‘equality’, wherein we are all theoretically equal to, and ‘as good as’ everyone else, including kings, queens, and assorted aristocrats. There is undoubtedly a little Jacobinism in the American ideals, though most of us would deny it — or maybe not.

I can understand why conquered and ‘colonized’ peoples would feel resentful if they think it humiliating to be colonized or ruled over by Western peoples. Why, again? Because it violates their illusion of ‘equality’ — in the real world, nobody is equal to anybody else, except in a court of law — but is there ‘equality’ or ‘democracy’ in allowing a handful of disgruntled and angry people to destroy public property, without the consent of the majority? ‘Democracy’ is supposed to depend on the ‘will of the majority,’,  otherwise it is not any kind of ‘democracy’, but then that doesn’t matter to the complainers and the vandals who just want to smash all visible signs of their former rulers.

Mind you, I don’t idolize’ democracy’, or the illusory equality. But if the statue vandals and the royalty-bashers are going to use those ideas to justify their high-handed demands, we’ll pretend for a moment.

Then why not stay at home where you will not be troubled and angered by those statues of other people’s heroes and icons? Since when do people from outside the country have some kind of special prerogative to take away something that belongs to others?

I have also heard that the Duke of Wellington’s statue may be pulled down by these self-appointed wrecking crews. I think that would be a shame. Bit by bit, they are smashing the history and heritage of England and Britain, directing their childish anger towards statues and images — for the moment.

It’s futile to plead with those in power to hold out against these perpetual complainers and professional malcontents. That’s true in this country and in the UK, where the people who hold power (many of them behind the scenes) evidently want this destruction to be done. If not, why do they not put a stop to it? Are they admitting to their own powerlessness and impotence? That’s not a good signal to send; it only encourages the rest of the coalition of the disgruntled to make more and more outlandish demands.




One thought on “The furor over statues is unabated

  1. Statues are not really a puritan thing. Yes, the mob is devoid of any heathy values. Their human needs have not been met due to their demographics own problems.

    I would like a new Puritan society?


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