Yet another attack in the UK

In Wolverhampton, UK, a man in his 20s was attacked with a machete by another man. This was the gist of the story as I read it in one of the British newspapers. The details were scant — by design, of  course, lest we find out who did what to whom, and try to determine why. In these strange times, instead of the classic story of a newspaper providing ‘who, what, and where’, and possibly why, newspapers give readers cryptic versions of the event in which a generic Man has attacked another generic Man, and in many cases the generic Men have no names, nationalities, (forget inquiring about Race, you bigot!) nor do the nameless victims and ‘alleged perps’ have homes. We are expected to try to guess these details — but then only a bigot would want to know. (Remember the recent news item in the U.S. about some locality forbidding the use of mug shots because seeing photos of wanted men or women might contribute to racism prejudice.)

We live in strange times. And violent times.

But a look at another newspaper provided some details. It appears both men may have been immigrants to the UK. The victim (the deceased man) was Paulius Petrasiunas, which appears to be a Lithuanian name — and sure enough the Express News story says he was Lithuanian.

And he was a father.


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