“America: Do you have a people?”

Those were the words of the late David Yeagley, who was a musician, academic, writer and blogger who died some years ago. Oh, and he was also American Indian, from the Comanche tribe, and he was also a believer in the importance of tribe, nation, kindred, and tradition. He defended the rights of the European colonists and settlers who ultimately defeated his people. In a world in which other indigenous people bear grudges and nurse grievances, he was a friend to European-descended Americans.

I happened to come across something he wrote posing the above question. I thought it was apropos for this blog.

America: Do you have a people? Who are your people?

As an Indian, I say it’s White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, and that includes also Scots, Welsh, and Irish. The language is English. The culture is a freed-up British culture (whatever that is!)

It’s not Spanish, Arab, or Chinese.

If Americans can’t keep these basic realities straight, as to who created the country, than America will do worse than Balkanize. America will become a[n] ethnic trade center, not a country. This is what’s happening.

Indians are a living reminder of what America should be, and what America should do.

Preserve thyself!


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