Plimoth Plantation to be no more

What with the statue-toppling frenzy seemingly running out of targets to destroy, the aggrieved and disgruntled turn to things like changing names— any name that has European origins must be changed to something ‘indigenous.’

The name of Plimoth Plantation, the living history museum, has to be changed because it reflects the English origins of the place, and the people who make the decisions at Plimoth Plantation feel that ”inclusion” is the important thing. One must be inclusive and diverse above all.

Actually this trend of replacing names in order to patronize the ‘indigenous’ has been going on for decades. For instance, the renaming of Mt. McKinley in Alaska in the 1970s. Now of course the name of the mountain is Denali, an indigenous name. The famous Ayers Rock in Australia is now Uluru.

Slowly but surely it seems that in the U.S. the English or European names will disappear as the soon-to-be-dominant ethnic groups demand renaming because they claim they are ‘hurt’ by European place-names (and other names).

Personally I think names matter, and our pandering politicians and officials are too eager to cave on these kinds of issues. Years ago on a plane flight I was seated near two Hispanic men who were counting all the American towns and states that have Spanish names. The fact that there are so many Spanish names seemed to bolster their sense that they are the rightful owners of this country, or even the North American continent.

As things are going, I am beginning to wonder if future generations on  this continent (if any) will be able to find any trace of us and our ancestors.

Plimoth Plantation is apparently taking comments from the community about the name change. But it looks like the only question is what the ‘indigenous’ name will be. And this does seem like it’s part of the whole project of the left to obliterate what is left of the Old America.

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