Our troubles go global

From the Cambrian Dissenters blog, we read of how the UK is undergoing the same kinds of turmoils and troubles. The UK, despite the clear results of the Brexit referendum, is still somehow tied to the EU:

Since that historic vote, the political class and the establishment elite have used every trick in the book to ignore and eventually overturn that result. Over four years later the British people are still shackled to the corrupt and failing political union and subject to its rules, regulations, and Court of Justice.

The unelected European Union bureaucrats still control Great Britain’s borders and the resources contained in her territorial waters; for this subjugation, the British taxpayers are forced to hand over billions per year for the privilege.”

And thanks to recent events in the US which led to widespread destruction of property and looting, as well as random mayhem, the UK is caught up in this same effort to impose some kind of Marxist or otherwise totalitarian system on the citizenry, without regard to their will.

Why should events here affect the UK? The same frenzied mania for destroying all symbols of tradition and history has manifested in the UK, with statues of revered heroes and statesmen being pulled down and shattered.  The history of the United Kingdom is being rewritten with the usual ‘social justice uber alles‘ slant being set forth as the new dogma.

Can it be that we are really no longer separate countries, in any real sense of the word? I can’t help thinking that the same people are working to a purpose, both here and in the UK. Across the Western world, former Christendom, it seems that the people who are the ‘foot soldiers’, perpetrating most of the disruptive or destructive acts, are following the same orders. Or can we write all of this off as a series of random coincidences?

So is Brexit a dead letter? After all this time it seemingly hasn’t become fact.





3 thoughts on “Our troubles go global

  1. Glad to see you still writing and in the fight Bonnyblue.

    It goes to show how Western civilization truly is interconnected. What affects one of us affects us all, especially those of us even more tightly bound in the Anglosphere.

    Just as those who hate our history, heroes, and eventually us living posterity more openly than ever, they will galvanize those of us who stand for our heritage and history to think, speak, and fights as one too.


    1. Thanks, Hengest.
      Yes, I’m still writing; I have my moments of discouragement but after a while I pick myself up and start again. It’s getting harder to find the will to keep on at times, as things are getting so insane but something just won’t let me quit.
      Thanks for your encouragement.

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