What’s another 3 million?

I wrote a while back about the possibility of the self-made ‘refugees’ from Hong Kong being admitted to the UK and eventually granted citizenship. Why not? What’s a few million more?

So here we read of how Boris Johnson is confirming the ‘path to citizenship’for the Hong Kong migrants, who choose to leave their homes to come to one of the Anglosphere countries — likely, as I said, Canada will receive some, as it already has a large Hong Kong ‘community’ and the U.S. of course is now one of the most ‘diverse’ plots of land (sorry, I almost said ‘nations‘ but we are hardly a ‘nation’ anymore) on the planet.

I am a little surprised at the reaction of the Guido Fawkes commentariat at the article link, with so many people cheering for the influx of the (possible) 3 million, for the reason that these ‘refugees’ are said to have bundles of money, which the UK economy must have. These immigration enthusiasts are willing to sell their birthright, like Esau, for a mess of pottage.

Immigration is forever. Once the population is changed in the degree we see in the UK or in Canada or the U.S.A., there is no reversing it. Some people hold onto the myth that “lots of immigrants just earn enough money to buy a home in their native land, then they go back.” I say that event is very rare. Once the ‘enrichers’ get their taste of living in a Western country they are more likely to send for their extended family than to go back home to stay. The 3 million number will be bolstered, eventually, by bringing aged family members to the new country, and of course by natural increase.

This, of course, is for the people of the UK to decide, but for those of us who are Anglophiles and of English descent, it’s sad to see our ancestral homeland being given away, piecemeal, to people who have no historical ties nor ancestral connection to our forebears’ homeland. It cannot possibly mean to them what it means to us. To them it is just an expedient.

I have more ancestors buried in the soil of England than I have here in the U.S.

Will all the newcomers, who seem destined to become the majority, treat our ancestors’ bones with respect? There was talk a few years ago of an old cemetery being plowed over and a Moslem burial ground replacing it.

It’s sad to see a country being lost to people (like the recent waves of immigrants from far-off countries) who care nothing for the traditions, the history, the culture — and most of all, the existing, indigenous people of Britain. The recent attack in Reading was but one example of the hostility of the newcomers toward the native English or British. If frequent attacks, both verbal and physical, portend the future of a polyglot, multicultural Britain, it does not look bright.

Am I saying that the future Hong Kong residents are likely to be that hostile? Obviously not, as they lived under British rule for so long, but the more ‘diversity’ the less peace and harmony. This seems to be an ironclad rule of reality, though people have been taught the opposite for the last half-century and more. The Hong Kong Chinese are still Chinese, and thus different from Western, European descended people. Just speaking English doth not an Englishman make.

On a hopeful note, there were some comments on the Guido Fawkes thread that expressed a healthy point of view, by which I mean they expressed a concern for their folk and their kinship-ties and for the country in which they grew up, pre-‘diversity.’

H/T: Amerika




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