Troubling Events in Reading

The American media haven’t given much coverage to the incident in Reading, where a Libyan ‘refugee’ or ‘asylum seeker’ stabbed several people who were sitting in a park there. It does seem as though the media want to downplay these things; we mustn’t commit ‘wrong-think’ or have any unfavorable thoughts about anyone. Both the UK media and our American luegenpresse seem to be working from the same playbook.

Over the years as I’ve watched this big transfer of peoples from one side of the globe to the other, I was baffled at the way in which the Powers That Be welcomed people who were unknown to us, as far as their history, their origins, their background, their character. I wondered why anyone would take a gamble on people who were complete unknowns to us, especially as many of these same mystery people would take a notion to do something destructive — even after we had taken them in and given them homes and all the necessities of life. And yet The Powers That Be continue to welcome similar peoples whose background and life history were a blank; no paper trail.

This is the policy in all Western countries, it seems. Evidently our government(s) are compelled by the U.N to take ‘x’ number of ”refugees” per year. And they are still apparently unvetted; if they are vetted, then it must be a very careless, ineffective procedure.

Would any sane person open their door to a complete stranger, about whom we know nothing, and take them in as we would a close family member? That’s what is amounts to.

My friends in England were uneasy when mass immigration started to change the face of London; at the time I thought they were overreacting but I soon saw that their concerns were legitimate. Yet this very natural and healthy wariness of unknown strangers is now a thought crime in some Western countries. And with no regard for the will or wishes of the native people of England, on it goes, leading to more incidents like the one in Reading.

Obviously there is an intention to create this situation; it is not a question of ineptitude, but  a definite intention.

With all the incessant talk of ”diversity” and its importance, do the people in control not realize that their ‘diversity’ will be a monotonous uniformity as the peoples are all herded together in 21st century Babel scenarios?

And the people who become victims, like those people in Reading, are just collateral damage or something, in the minds of those who are treating human beings as pawns in their game. It’s tragic.





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