‘We don’t see…’

The rest of the sentence — you’ve probably heard it — is ”color.” The latest usage of it is ”Patriots don’t see color.” Because ‘unity’, which requires pretense or blindness.

There’s a piece at Heritage and Destiny, written by a professional actor, about how this idea has changed British TV programming, and the casting of roles in the many productions.

If you watch, or have watched, much British TV you will know that the roles are very much racially cast; laws require the exact  percentages of various ‘minorities’  who are to play the various parts. And reality has no part in this. We’ve seen the idea at work here in the U.S., what with productions like the ‘Hamilton’ musical, in which all roles were played by various minorities. The idea of seeing Alexander Hamilton, a man of Scottish ancestry, played by a Hispanic (or is it Latino?) man, is rather confusing. And the other characters, of Anglo-Saxon or otherwise European origin, being obviously nonwhite is likewise odd. But political ends must be served and audiences must be reprogrammed or something.

The article writer points out the harm done to historical accuracy by casting on the basis of race and ethnicity. After all until fairly recently Britain was a homogeneous country which had received little immigration. The effect of the ”colorblind casting’ (which is anything but colorblind) is to delude the young people, especially, into believing the official assertions that ‘Britain has always been multicultural and multiracial.’ This is nothing but deceiving and gaslighting. Yet it seems that the tactic has led a lot of unknowing citizens into acceptance, as they begin not to notice the incongruity and artificiality of it all.

As the writer indicates it all amounts to theft of a culture and heritage, by misrepresenting it in the name of some ‘social justice’ goal. The idea would seem to be that Britain was wrong in not having large populations of foreign residents in the past, because, you know, racism. So they must make amends by going along with the pretense that millions of immigrants have always lived in the UK; in fact, they built it.

This is part of what we are told about our country: ”Immigrants built America.They made America great, not you old-stock Anglos.’

Read the piece at Heritage and Destiny.

Off-topic somewhat: Something I always wondered about: in the 19th-20th centuries there was a nationalist mania in many European colonies, which eventually led to India, among others,  putting the colonial powers out of their country. India was one example, and it seems they no sooner got what they wanted, their independence (at the cost of bloodshed) and they are knocking at England’s door, asking to live there. Huh? What was all the fuss in India about if all you wanted was entree to England for life?

I think I know the answer but it is still mystifying.



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