The Magna Carta anniversary

Yesterday, June 15, was the anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede. This year would mark 805 years since that document was signed. The article at the New American was published in 2015, and obviously much has happened in that short five-year period. The article mentions that we have Magna Carta to thank for the ‘Rule of Law’ as well as for the freedoms we enjoy.  It seems to me that our freedoms are less than secure, to put it mildly.

I don’t think anyone foresaw today’s events, even as recently as 2015. It’s ironic when we think about what 2020 has brought, both for the UK and for the U.S. Will we even be able to talk about it by next year at this time?

Another ironic point: The Runnymede Trust, which we usually hear of in association with this anniversary, is actually a self-described racial equality think tank. Could King John ever have envisioned this situation?

3 thoughts on “The Magna Carta anniversary

  1. June 14th is Flag Day– the day we ran up the Bear Flag in Sonoma and began our fight for independence from Mexico. On July 4th we took it down and raised the American flag with help of Cpt. J. C. Fremont. June 24th 1579 was the first prayer book service in what would become the United States. It was held on the shores of California while the Golden Hind was undergoing repairs in a little known estuary– now called Drake’s Bay. BTW. the prayer book cross in Golden Gate park is still standing despite massive monument removal.


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