Here’s one hopeful sign

After such a dire week  in both the UK and the USA, one slightly hopeful sign is at least something.

The Daily Mail reports that, in the midst of the orgy of destruction, one historic statue is saved — at least for now. The statue of Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts, was allowed to remain for the time being, despite being put on a protesters’ list as scheduled for destruction. A group of former Boy Scouts directly intervened to stop the destruction of Lord Baden Powell’s statue, as the Daily Mail article tells us.

“Former Scouts, some from more than 100 miles away, had rushed to Dorset and formed a ring of steel around the bronze monument fending off a disposal crew in Poole Quay at 7.30am as the campaign to remove 92 historic monuments in Britain hurtles on.”

I think this was a bold and brave act on their part.  Who has done anything like that in the US to stop the wanton vandals who have destroyed so many of our monuments?

Who knows at this point whether the statue of Lord Baden-Powell will be allowed to stand? I can only hope that the authorities will exert their power to protect the statue rather than caving, as so many others have, to the demands of the wreckers.

The Daily Mail article says that the statue-destroyers have a list of no less than 92 targets for destruction — various statues that they deem politically incorrect, “racist”, insensitive or whatever. This is crazy.

And why, I must ask, is their arbitrary and obviously biased assertion accepted simply on their word? Should not the local people or the citizenry as a whole have a say in this? Why are complaints of one or two people, who obviously have axes to grind, sufficient to allow a historic statue, often something that is aesthetically pleasing as well, to be reduced to a pile of rubble? This is just wrong, whether it’s here in the US or in the UK.

When will enough be enough?

We’ve seen or read about a statue of Columbus which was smashed and beheaded and then thrown in a river. Others were defaced with hideous scrawls we call ”graffiti”. Protesters have urinated on the statues or monuments,  especially the Confederate statues. Why do we allow and passively enable this ugly behavior and crumple at every demand?

Bravo to those former Scouts who did something. I hope the vandals are not given a victory this time.

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