3 Million new ‘citizens’?

As most of us have probably read by now, Boris Johnson says he is prepared to welcome 3 million emigrants from Hong Kong.

This is the result of China’s proposed new security laws, which many Hong Kong residents fear as being too restrictive.

Under the proposed arrangement, these Hong Kong residents, or at least those with the appropriate passports would be allowed to enter and to work in the UK, ultimately being awarded UK citizenship in theory.

I can’t help asking why it is that whenever a country experiences some problem, such as war, economic problems, or in this case fears of new restrictions on liberties or rights, a Western country somehow ”owes” it to the people in question to provide a new home for them, along with valued citizenship? It used to always be said that the U.S. was too often the world’s policeman, but now our role is more like that of Santa Claus and somehow we feel obligated to provide for others — while many of our own folk are homeless or, in the wake of the ”pandemic”, unemployed or destitute. But never mind; we are still the rich uncle to the world, always room for one more. Or in the UK’s case, 3 million more.

Keeping in mind that Britain is a small island, very densely populated, and besieged by people attempting to enter the UK by any means, fair or foul — it makes little sense to add another few million to the already high total of immigrants.  Ever-increasing development is a problem. Yet the solution is always more immigration.

Years ago Andrew Neather made a statement (not intended to be heard by the citizenry) that there was a plan to increase immigration so as to ”rub the right’s noses in Diversity”, I suppose to punish those who were ‘xenophobic’ enough to wish to limit immigration. Even though the public eventually heard this conversation about the immigration agenda, and ostensibly those involved were supposedly chastened by the brouhaha,it seems as if the plan rolls on. Immigration in large numbers is an established, always-in-progress agenda, just as it is in just about all Western countries.

As for the Hong Kong immigrants, I expect not all will go to the UK. Parts of Canada have received many Hong Kong immigrants, and as a result places like Vancouver, B.C. have been transformed. I am sure the idea is to further ”fundamentally transform” the UK as well as Canada — and I’m certain the U.S.A. will be expected to welcome some of the 3 million. Now, it may be that they are quite Westernized because of being part of the British empire for those many years. It may be that they are educated and skilled and speak excellent English. Nonetheless is there no other solution than the predictable practice of setting them up somewhere in an Anglosphere country? Is there some kind of law that compels this?

The globalists, in quest of their ”utopian” One World anti-nation, seem determined that Britain is never to be the home of its historic population, but instead to be a polyglot nation, severed from its historical roots, and simply a place to plant any or all displaced people. That is an injustice to the indigenous people of Britain, and once that country is transformed completely the nations lose more of their true character.



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