Claiming the ‘WASP’ label

It’s so seldom done these days; it caught my eye when I saw the title of a blog post from The Propertarian Institute blog. The post is titled ‘I’m a WASP.‘ How often do we hear anyone just saying it matter-of-factly, like that?

It’s a brief post but makes a point about the attitudes in some quarters towards Anglo-Americans or ‘WASPs.’

I won’t put words in the blogger’s mouth or try to speak for him ; everyone’s experiences differ, but so often WASPs are either disparaged for having been the cause of every ill of our country, or criticized for having “deserted” our American sinking ship and shirked our responsibility.

Some people talk of us in the past tense as if we are all ghosts, or as if we are an extinct species. Somewhat like Dr. Seuss’s ‘Who’ people, who were invisible because they were too small to be seen, we might need to do what the ‘Whoville’ people did to make their presence known by shouting ”We are here!”

We are here, but there are still people who insist that ‘nobody in America is pure English or pure anything, we’re all mixed.’ That makes us irrelevant, I suppose, to those people.

Despite this, we do have a heritage, and we have ancestors in whom we should have a healthy pride. That can’t be taken away.


5 thoughts on “Claiming the ‘WASP’ label

  1. Problem is forebearers do have a relationship in constructing NWO, so there’s a reluctance to positively identify even among our own kind. However, at the same time, we’re the only ones who can clean up our own mess. We did enjoy a golden era, and how to restore or transmit the best of times is the question at hand. I recommend forming moral communities that have an Anglican ethos, myself preferring Primitive or Old Plan methodism. The methodist societies were usually early institution builders– libraries, schools, hospitals, storehouses, and orphanages– following Wesley’s advice ‘to do good of all possible sort to men and their bodies…’. So, we have good models to follow.

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  2. Another advantage I might add were the methodists not only had a hidden Anglican DNA (in their strictures and doctrine) but also were leading missionaries on the American frontier. Today, without benefit of institutions, our people find ourselves in a similar, even barbaric (consider the return of paganism and feel-good ethos), condition. We need a frontier, manly, evangelical movement that can advocate for families and persons against globalism as well as keeping ties to our past (which is one and the same resistance to the above). Old methodism that has retained connections to historic Wesleyanism and England is a keyhole toward ancient pathways– more so than any of the revivalistic movements, imo, that spread across America and are still somewhat active or present.


  3. Hello BonnyBlue

    Sorry for not commenting or blogging lately.
    I do not have the health or resources to meet my potential here. There is so much I would like accomplished. Right now, the normal laptop is not working ad I am stuck using an external screen. My Health needs are not being met. I am struggling to keep warm amongst other things. There’s nothing nice in my life right now. It’s just so bad.

    Anglo- Saxons are a bit worn out . Do they still want to live? Do they want some healthy fun and excitement? Trying to take back their countries sure would be interesting.



    1. Puritan, I’m really sorry to hear that you’re going through a rough time. I hope things will soon improve for you. Believe me I can empathize with the health issues. I will keep you in my prayers.

      Sorry for being so slow in replying. I am just bad at keeping up with comments and e-mails.


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