The Last American


The picture above, which was passed on to me by a reader on my old blog I think, depicts the Life Magazine artist’s idea of a future (1976) wherein the ‘sole surviving Yankee’ is surrounded by strangers. I guess the artist was a little off on the timing of this but make of it what you will. Needless to say the subject matter is politically incorrect and might trigger some sensitive soul, but I don’t think the ‘Yankee’ New Englander is going to be allowed to disappear completely. He’s needed as a scapegoat and whipping boy.

But the fact remains that old-fashioned Yankees are pretty thin on the ground in the area they settled 400 years ago and they are hardly dominant in that area.

One thought on “The Last American

  1. Hello Bonnyblue

    Things have been troublesome, I have made some lifestyle changes at the time of global lock down. I have had some other personal issues as well. Still where do I belong?

    This is a sad post. I doubt you could find a prominent Conservative willing to vouch for New English Puritan ideals whatsoever. The popists sure have been determined to replace the Wests finest their worst people. Now they are dying out.

    Best Wishes


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