Scotland and Brexit

I made a statement in my previous post that many people in Scotland preferred to remain in the EU.  However here’s a post at the Iconoclast indicating that the majority in Scotland may not be so pro-EU as we’ve been told over here in the States. It seems there is a faction of ‘remainers’ who are aggressively opposing the peaceful break-up.

If it’s true that a majority are in favor of leaving, though they are not bound to leave just because England and Wales are leaving, then that shows a healthier instinct.

From the many news stories on the subject we’ve heard that there is an age gap; the younger people are somehow emotionally attached to the EU, feeling that it’s their rightful ‘home’.  I remember reading at the time of the initial Brexit referendum that some of the young voters were distraught about the result, moaning and wailing that they would no longer be ”European” or able to come and go to Europe, by which I mean The Continent. If that is an accurate picture of some of the younger voters’ viewpoint and fear of leaving ‘mother Europa’ then they have been thoroughly conditioned and gaslighted to think that way. It’s almost laughably absurd. There is no ‘European’ ethnicity; only the various ethnic groups who have populated that region for millennia.

Maybe only the more mature members of the public remember a time when Europe was considered separate from England or Great Britain. Europe was The Continent, separate from the UK. It still is, as far as I’m concerned. Despite having an unelected group of elitists in Brussels who are de facto rulers of the European Union, there is no real organic culture which includes all the countries which are within the walls of the EU. The EU remains a polyglot (yes, I know they all speak English in some form or other) cobbled-together ‘union’ which is at odds within itself.

The younger generations seem more attached to the idea of the EU and are bound and determined to make the issue all about ”racism” or bigotry. I suspect if given a chance, the young would have another vote to re-join the EU, so determined are they. It seems they have also contracted the anti-‘boomer’ antipathy which is so popular this side the Atlantic; the old folk are just bigots, and the world will be so much better when the old are gone, so say the young in all their wisdom.



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