Downton Abbey…

…and other such entertainment was the topic of a piece on According to the writer of the piece, Downton Abbey is now a feature film, not just a series on British television. Thanks, but I’ll pass it up.

On one of the places online which I frequent, there are lots of young women and teen girls who are crazy about the TV series Downton Abbey, as well as other British or British-based entertainment like those movies based on Jane Austen books. Certainly I read the Austen books in high school, but found them boring, so never found the time to see the movies which became so popular in recent years.

When the Downton Abbey TV series was announced, I dismissed it as just another of the current crop of British TV programming (that last word is used advisedly; there are two meanings for the word ‘programming‘ these days). It seems an ironclad rule that every series on British TV, whether on BBC or elsewhere, has to be Politically Correct to the extent of presenting us bizarre fantasy-worlds based on Cultural Marxist beliefs. For instance: a young woman I know of watched a series back in the early 2000s, purportedly the story of King Arthur; Guinevere was played by a young woman who was mixed race (black/White). This girl I knew, though supposedly opposed to political correctness, saw nothing amiss in a mixed-race woman being Queen Guinevere.

No doubt anyone who sees nothing out-of-order about such casting in movies and TV will think I’m the one who’s wrong to point this out. I suppose they think it’s just ”mean” to believe that those who make movies and TV should notice the truth; there is a ‘Truth’ here. At the time of King Arthur (presuming he existed, which I believe he did) England (or Britain, as it was populated by Britons then) was not Brazil; it was not populated by people from far-off lands and other races. Those who have hissy-fits at any suggestion that Britain was not multicultural and omni-racial then just needs to face reality.

Then there was the version of Robin Hood in which Morgan Freeman was one of Robin’s Merry Men or something, and Saracens roamed Sherwood Forest. Actually, I was just watching an episode of ‘classic’ Doctor Who, from the mid-1960s, in which there were Saracens; it was set during the time of Coeur de Lion and Saladin, et al, but then I think it was set in the Holy Land, not on the Isle of Britain.

So, even before Downton Abbey was actually on TV, I felt sure it would feature a very ‘cosmopolitan’ cast of characters, though sometimes the M.O. of the program is to sneak the characters in after people have gotten the habit of watching the series. So I heard that after a bit, a black jazz musician was introduced, and sure enough he was soon the love interest for one of the genteel lady characters. Predictable, 100 per cent.

If you read the comments on the thread you’ll see this mentioned. However someone says that it was true to life, as the evil Upper Classes always exploit the oppressed lower class. I think that’s hardly a given; no doubt it may have happened here and there, given human nature, and blacks were far scarcer in Britain, hence a ‘novelty’ for some women (and men), something exotic. Nonetheless I doubt it was rampant, though some people in America like to believe so. And haven’t we all figured out that the big Media like to promote the ‘all-one-race, no such thing as race’ viewpoint, or even the more extreme view that the only way to peace and harmony is for all of us to ”lose” our race and just be generic humans, of every race/no race/all blended into one?

So that seems to be why we are treated to commercials all aimed at promoting that viewpoint; I know that it’s as common in the UK as in the U.S.; I hear that from people in the UK. It’s also done in Canada.

Political programming, or ”entertainment” programming? Both in one. The sugar coating on the ‘medicine’, which they assure us is good for us.

If I watch a fictional series, unless it’s labeled as Science Fiction or Fantasy, I expect to see the world depicted as it is in reality, not as some detached-from-ordinary-life ”show-biz elitists “feel” it ought to be. No re-writing history to gaslight people into thinking that 21st or even 20th century ideas were in play back in Medieval times, or even back in the WWI era, when more of the old ideas still held. Presenting a false milieu as even remotely resembling the real-life world of a given era is lying, pure and simple.

I understand that today’s textbooks present heavily distorted, if not outright false, ideas of the past. This is harmful to the young people who are fed these falsehoods.  It goes on here as in the UK as in Canada or elsewhere in former Christendom.

One of my purposes in blogging was always to try to remind people of the past that actually WAS, rather than the idiotic attempts of propagandists to convince us that the past was something vastly different, or that it was really just like today’s madness.

So generally I don’t see why people are drawn to programs like Downton Abbey, which focuses on 20th-21st century obsessions, which are (I hope) aberrations reflecting most people’s current-day fetishes. They are not the past as it was — but maybe people don’t want reality; they prefer lurid scenarios it appears — or have they ever learned about the real past?

Even the actors in these series and movies don’t look, sound, walk, dress, or act like real people of the past generations, so it all rings false to me;  no one is convincing in these latter-day charades.

Those who like plays or movies of past eras would do better to watch old movies, which at least were closer to the times being portrayed.

For anyone who is devoted to these series or movies, no offense intended; but for those who are noncommital about the issue, just something to ponder.

We need not be uncritical consumers of whatever the Media throw at us.

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