Does anyone know

I’m curious as to what’s happened with a particular website and forum that was for English patriots/nationalists. I believe the main website was Anglo-Saxon Foundation or something like that. The forum was Up England.

It seems the website was hacked, or taken down for political reasons, then the forum owner put up a temporary site, but that’s gone and a web search turned up no hits for the names I mentioned above.

So is it possible someone here might know of the website/forum or if they are up and running again, possibly with a different name? I’d very much appreciate knowing. It seems that site and forum were one of a kind; it seems strange that there would be so few like it. I see that Twitter has some kind of English/Anglophile group (I don’t do Twitter, and certainly won’t start now, as they are so anti-Free Speech.)

Are there are other pro-English and/or pro-British internet groups or sites that anyone here knows of? Links would be very much appreciated.

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