Brexit deal ruled out

The path to Brexit has become so convoluted in recent weeks that it’s hard to know what comes next. But some people who closely follow this process seem very confident that the Remainer faction will be defeated.

James Delingpole, for one, in an article with the title, “Hurrah for Chancellor Merkel — Saviour of Brexit”.

The sub-headline says that Merkel has — however unwittingly — given the UK a gift: a no-deal Brexit. She has said that a deal is ”overwhelmingly unlikely,” which gives the UK every incentive to leave without a deal, rather than to compromise, accepting the terms which are apparently to be forced on the UK, if Merkel and the EU globalists get their wishes.

I hope this is true; this situation has taken so many twists and turns over the last couple of years; it’s hard not to wonder what new twist will suddenly pop up as the UK is about to cross the finish line.

But as to the main reason why the UK and the EU are at an impasse over an agreement on Brexit, it’s apparently the question of some conditions being imposed regarding Northern Ireland: Merkel et al have said now that NI must stay permanently tied to the EU, remaining in the EU Customs Union. Merkel says that NI cannot leave. It seems that the Republic of Ireland (Southern Ireland, the 26 counties) agrees with the EU’s idea of separating Northern Ireland from the UK. And it’s apparently a case of ‘no Brexit without acquiescing to the deal’.

Arlene Foster, of the Democrat Unionist Party in Northern Ireland, said that no such deal was acceptable. I hope the UK and Northern Ireland stay steadfast. Any ‘union’ which tells members, after the fact, that no exit is possible — ever — should make one uneasy, to say the least. That sort of ultimatum is not the kind of thing that isn’t compatible with ‘freedom.’

#brexit, #northern-ireland, #republic-of-ireland, #united-kingdom

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